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  1. Prayin for some rain this week.

  2. Chuch Shumer enrages me!

  3. Sugarland Skeeters....what a horrible name

    1. JLWM8609


      Agreed. Why couldn't they have picked a name that reflected their history, like the Sugar Land Imperials? Perhaps Little Anthony won't let them take the name? heh.

    2. fatesdisastr


      Actually the Sugar Land Imperials was the name I was rooting for.

  4. Is Houston participating in Earth Hour Day tonight by turning off their lights for an hour?

  5. Tough loss tonight Rox. Still showin yall have hearts of champions.

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    2. fatesdisastr


      You can't tell me Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola don't. They aren't Lebron, D-Wade, or Kobe. But they give you everything they got every night no matter what. That's the heart of a champion, not what place you are in or how many rings you have.

    3. Highway6


      I would call that a "Heart of a Really Hard Worker" then.

    4. fatesdisastr
  6. Loving this beautiful day outside :)

  7. Anyone else lovin these Rockets lately? =D

    1. lockmat


      Yep, I agree, they're fun.

    2. lockmat


      Goin to the game tonight :)

  8. Great Astros game tonight!

    1. citizen4rmptown


      coming off a sweep by the Brewers, us beating the Braves 10-4, so far, makes up for it, sure was hoping for a win, and it looks like we have it!

  9. i miss the little forum pics that used to be on the side of going up!, skyscrapers, etc.

    1. citizen4rmptown


      you're not the only one, no offense to Sam Houston, but I prefer the personalized images next to each forum topic.

  10. haha that was definitely funny.

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