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  1. The Century Building was Houston' 1st skyscraper, not so much height but steel frame (steel allowed you to go higher) … L Hood-Bang had ended their partnership due to Bang wanted to use same Engineer they had been using, but Ken S "Owner" wanted to use relative/friend? so Bang said good by and Lucian said ok and did plans, to bad because Hood-Bang had found Texas multi color stone about 3' sq cut pieces, and thick because soft … I wish I knew where it was and was there any more removed for any projects ? … the B/W rendering shows the building as stand alone (do you see sim
  2. Balinese Room Blue Moon Café, South Main crazy good stuffed shrimp Safari ….. all the small Mom & Pop Cafes & roadside Bar B Q Ravin Cajun La Fonda Mexican Skippy's Kemah, Seabrook, Galveston seafood spots ……. L
  3. One other item, they could have made a plaster of paris Big Donut as they made the little Elephant outside the Safari Restaurant …. L
  4. The Big Donut, was designed by Hood-Bang Co. '50's … in the photo attached is where the donut was to go and in blue are the guy wires holding it, after the WW2 and they wanted to buy Bomber rubber inter tube, multi patched together (never built) and fill it with helium to float (the Texas wind would have been like Wizard of OZ and Hood-Bang would have been famous flying over Houston hanging on to the Big Donut) the building is a Ranch style (that pitched roof is give away) with mid Century Mod sprinkles, the dark paint was sprayed over the Stone and in future someone could sand blast that p
  5. https://houstonhistorymagazine.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/15.1-From-The-Archive-Extended-Endnotes.pdf
  6. Does this look like a Lucian Hood Home? I worked for my Pop early, started by cross hatching brick and erasing, Lucian Designed and Builder/Owner a Mid Century Modern in Bellaire, Texas ...my early years in that home which the roof rolled back for a entire room sky view and the in floor spa in front of the Fire Place_ which also was a reflection pond ... good living, music at that time was Martin Denny Quiet Village and Tiki was the happening ... later when he sold it a Japanese Family they and lived there at least 15 years ... it is not there any more, looked for it ... Russell Howard wa
  7. Brenner's on the Bayou is almost there, if you had site with a little room you could build a mound starting on the top edge of Bayou then built the lowest part at top edge ... the concrete piles at bottom with Landscape stabilize the slope also the height you would have above would put your view above the tree line so you would have Bayou and view above tree line ... like what Mayans did ... new idea for south of boarder cafe or SFD ... the SFD shown has 2 car garage and the extra park outside it is 2 bedroom 2,399 sq. ft. with 2 basements ... 1 basement has view and could be 3rd bedroom or
  8. Could this go along Bayou if above high water mark or is there a easement width set back?
  9. could this SFD go on slope of Buffalo Bayou if above high water mark or is there a easement width?


  10. Hi, I am Architect in CA & TX (grew up in Houston) have you made selection? ... Tudor attached ..... if not maybe could try a relationship, I am in Los Angeles most of the time 2 hr.s diff .. ... I did the French Regency contemporary in Beverly Hills for a Architect/Owner in Indonesia also attached ..... Lucian 310-473-9083 http://lucianhoodarchitect.com lhoodarchitect@yahoo.com
  11. Great vid ... I rode my bike all over Rice almost daily 1954-55 .. it was our play ground ... we use to get in the stadium and play chase all around and some of the open grass areas play football games with lots of kids .... one night Ike Eisenhower came to speak to Houston business men at the Basketball Court Bldg and we (me and friend) went on our bikes and rode inbetween 20+ motorcycle police leading the big old black limo's w/ Ike and asso's traveling maybe 5 mph (hey we were faster than that) ... we went right up to the front doors and lay our bikes down to the left of front doors ... w
  12. wow ... looked at the photo above of the Times Bldg above and made my hair stand up and eyes moist .... L
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