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  1. I live in CS. If anyone wants pictures posted of the latest developments, I can try to oblige. A lot of growth and building happening, I'm always seeing something new (especially housing). Some old Ags may want to see a pic of the old haunts too.
  2. I saw that too! I definately do not agree. Unless, it just means more to a Texan and "others" just don't get it.
  3. Yes, and the shadow of the skater and people standing on the side of the whatever that pool thing is called he's skating in. The original Dogtown movie by Sean Penn is a cool flick.
  4. On the menu bar, next to Traffic. I posted the same question.
  5. Thank you so much. I swear this is the first time I've seen that button. Makes life so much easier now.
  6. I'm sorry, I just can't find my way around (old dog, new tricks thing). I don't have a "view recent posts" or "view latest content" button that I can find. I'm trying really I am. It's just that that is what I always linked to when I came to this site.
  7. I'm Here, But Lost

  8. I really don't mind not being allowed to bring food into the ballpark, but I just wish they had better food! The dogs (regular and sausage) taste horrible unless drenched in mustard and the nachos are the gross stuff I can get at Sam's. When we went for a game against Pittsburgh, the visiting team special was a cheeseburger? You would think that they might be a little more creative and have maybe, I don't know....Philly cheesesteak sandwich? Aramark in my opinion is awful. I think when the ballpark opened 10 years ago, they said one of the things that was improved upon from the Dome was the food - they failed.
  9. I won't be traveling that way as much during the summer so I appreciate the updates. I'm wondering how much will be done before school starts back up.
  10. Cool, I thought so. Funny, Song Remains the Same at MSG just ran on VH1 Classics.

  11. this is sidegate - you asked me if my avatar was Jimmy Page - it is, Madison Square Garden, 1973.

  12. About the front door color - I'm not sure. I guess if you're going to be so bold to paint it blue, go with the darker shade?
  13. And the dumb waiter comes up to the third floor storage - then you have to go through the powder room then living room to get to the kitchen! "Honey, before you use that restroom, could you bring the groceries to the kitchen?". Awkward.
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