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  1. just saw this thread...AFTER i just posted a new topic about the new restaurant...sorry! but yeah they really transformed the place and enjoyed dining at the restaurant for their grand opening last night...read my new post for the review etc.



  2. The building on Ralph just off Westheimer that formerly was the home to Ej's is now a casual, yet cool mexican restaurant called La Grange.

    A small group of friends and i went last night for their grand opening....the menu was small but all the food was delicious, well priced and just the right portions. While i don't drink, my friends ordered the frozen margaritas and said they were incredible! 

    (I had the "fajitas for 1" at just 8 dollars...just the right size to not feel too full and the beef was super tender fyi!) 

    They have 3 desserts, and we ordered the fried bananas and ice cream which was pretty awesome (small but enough for 2 btw)

    and the brunch selections looked amazing actually so i will be going to try those out this weekend i am sure.

    The owners definitely transformed this ugly duckling into something really nice and cool...think Brasil if they opened a mexican restaurant...the inside seating area feels like you are in a Brasil extension with super large windows giving the place a really open and airy feel...and they are stressing the casual, laid back vibe with picnic style tables in the outdoor courtyard complete with koi fish and turtles(!) The second story patio and bar have good views of westheimer and downtown so that was fun as well. My friends were impressed with THREE bars haha! One fairly large one when you walk in, one fairly large one when you walk out to the courtyard and then one up on the second deck that i believe will only be open for extremely busy times and events...

    anyway, i really liked the place and will be going back often...

    (one note... they they need to get some really cool art or decor on those very empty walls!)

    see ya there. 


    Their description of themselves:

    La Grange Houston:

    A casual patio bar with craft beer, craft cocktails and coastal mexican food in the heart of Montrose, Texas.


    check them out:





    lagrangehouston on instagram 



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  3. I tend to agree with jmitch94's comment, although I would love things to be otherwise.  i have been told -- by someone in a position to know a bit -- that this Target is their most profitable store (I assume just in Houston).  So, my guess would be that they would not close it, although if their management were clever, they might be open to the idea of redeveloping all or part of the property.


    everyone feel free to blame me...i love that target and i am sure that i one of the main people that keep them in business haha!

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  4. Are they from the Klein area?


    well...Justin (singer) and  his brother Jeremy (drummer) are from the Heights area but now all of the members live in San Marcos/Austin/Round Rock area! (Justin attended HSPVA (as did Ryan the violinist) while Jeremy attended Waltrip)

  5. wow so awesome! thanks for the pics! i am deeply immersed in the live music scene and this place blows me away! i really hope it delivers as the pics and article suggest!!! my best friend of 19 years is the lead singer of a touring rock band and really hope to see them play here one day! (shameless plug: check out www.blueoctober.com !) :) 

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