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  1. Remember Kenny and Ziggy's is taking up the whole Luby's space and possibly more on that end as they are making this a restaurant and more as mentioned earlier...so that could take up some of the space possibly to the right of Lubys...we shall see. 

    I know the old Masraff's had a sign that stated something like restaurant space for lease...so obviously looking for another restaurant to take over. 




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  2. FYI...it turns out Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is taking over the ENTIRE plaza next to Crave...so that is the former spaces of My Fit Foods, the dress shop AND the former Starbucks!!! wowsa...well at least they will be keeping the little animal park as it will be a good fit for all the kids going to get ice cream (and cupcakes next door!)

    They have completely demoed the inside of all 3 spaces and are beginning the buildout.


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  3. well yesterday i walked over to see it up close....as i approached the signage looks amazing and all the windows facing Westheimer and towards Oceanaire etc...and the large covered patio they have created facing west complete with suspended heaters. It looks really awesome... BUT then as i get closer and take a look over the green fencing surrounding the whole project, i see that the inside is still basically an empty drywall shell...i am thinking this will be a mid to late summer opening now but we shall see!  

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  4. Joey's looks like it will be open by summer i do believe (if not end of spring possibly?)! i need to walk by there this week/weekend to check it out better but it looks pretty great with all the windows and signage etc (former Yauatcha space)


    and here is their hiring notice:



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