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  1. I've been frequenting Market Square when I'm in Houston as a sport tourist over the last several years and the scene has gotten considerable better.
  2. I drove along Post Oak this weekend and it's going to be a very tight squeeze for those buses, definitely will have to trim those trees again. Other than that, I liked the setup with the platforms in the middle and how Post Oak got upgraded.
  3. It seems the comment of yours that I replied to was about the general trend of GFR. Fair game dude. I generally agree with you, but there's still plenty of space left for non restaurant/bar retail to develop as density increases.
  4. ^^I've driven I10 from Houston to New Orleans and Houston to Kerrville, TX so I know what you mean. I stopped going I10 to Austin due to the construction and take 290 now.
  5. The CRE Wish List For Houston's Innovation DistrictRead more at: https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/coworking/5-cre-wishes-for-houstons-innovation-district-98779?utm_source=CopyShare&utm_medium=Browser Nothing groundbreaking but a good read.
  6. Direct Energy To Relocate Headquarters To Downtown Office Tower Read more at: https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/office/direct-energy-to-relocate-headquarters-to-downtown-office-tower-97743?utm_source=CopyShare&utm_medium=Browser Gensler To Relocate Office To 2 Houston CenterRead more at: https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/office/gensler-to-relocate-office-to-2-houston-center-97796?utm_source=CopyShare&utm_medium=Browser
  7. BisNow: Coworking Options Headed To Midway's CityCentre And GreenStreet
  8. I assume the office is the big chunk and they'll build the apartments on top (skinny chunk)?
  9. It's certainly not my money, but it would be awesome of Rice to also use some of its endowment to undergo a significant expansion in enrollment or significant expansion into nanotechnology or bioinformatics.
  10. Our iconic buildings are about 30 years old and due for some modernization. Hopefully many will either be renovated or re-purposed, but it seems the Houston office market maybe a bit oversupplied for the near team.
  11. ^^^Gene Hackman looks pretty cool.
  12. They make visiting downtown much easier. Perhaps we are at peak parking garages due to ride sharing, but I view parking garages as a solid investment towards a more well rounded downtown. I certainly use the parking garages when I'm visiting from Austin for an Astros or Rockets game. I've been parking near Market Square during this Astros' season and have really enjoyed how active the area has gotten.
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