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  1. The house we've just moved into has a lot of overgrown landscaping, including an indeterminate number of bougainvillea bushes. One is blooming; the others just lurk, waiting to attack you with their horrible thorns. We keep cutting and cutting and they grow back overnight. Like evil alien spawn. The funny thing is, I always wanted to have bougainvillea in my garden because I thought they were so pretty. Little did I know how evil they actually are!
  2. Try the website for NAEYC (national association for the education of young children). They list programs that have received their accreditation, which is stricter than that of the state. PLenty of good schools don't have this accreditation, but you can be pretty sure that the ones that do are good schools.
  3. A quick look at har.com for 77096 suggests that it's no longer too pricey for the neighborhood... the McMansions have arrived, some at over a million bucks. I don't like everything about this house... the scale, to me, is too large for modern authenticity, and I really don't like the bathrooms. But it's still nice to see new construction that doesn't have that stucco, spanish-tile roof look. I hope that as Meyerland continues to change, it also continues to be a place of architectural interest.
  4. There's probably nobody I'd rather see a street named for than Gandhi. However, I think it would be confusing and disruptive to have part of a major artery have a different name. Nonetheless, it would be a pretty nice way to acknowledge the south Asian community in that area. I will not be surprised if they are able to pull this off. The local Indian community can be very persistent, as I observed regarding something similar a few years ago. They are also pretty well-connected at City Hall and pretty savvy about getting stuff done.
  5. I think this is a very ignorant statement. Labor may be mobile, but uneducated or poorly educated people generally are not. They are not going anywhere. How healthy can a state be if it is saddled with undereducated, underemployed people, who as a result of those factors are also unhealthy and under- or uninsured. People can take the bootstraps position all they want, but if we're not providing children with a quality education, there's only so far they can pull themselves up.
  6. I don't think anyone mentioned Napoli's Flying Pizza. I like it... NY style, thin crust, not soggy. Lacks the refinement of Dolce Vita, but it deserves mention.
  7. This is a great relief, after talk that Cynthia Dunbar, who doesn't believe in public education (since it undermines the authority of parents and God), was also being considered. Edited to RETRACT my relief, after reading this, about Gail Lowe: http://www.chron.com/commons/readerblogs/evosphere.html?plckController=Blog&plckBlogPage=BlogViewPost&newspaperUserId=f12fd84e-253f-46cf-9408-ee579f9a3a0b&plckPostId=Blog%3af12fd84e-253f-46cf-9408-ee579f9a3a0bPost%3a5697d763-4253-4fc4-bb7c-37f07a6dd87d&plckScript=blogScript&plckElementId=blogDest
  8. Just saw this... I'm with you. I drive a Mazda Protege and love it. If I were buying a new car I'd get the Mazda 5 (microvan), since it would have room for a friend or two of the two rugrats already occupying the backseat. We were just talking last night about what car we would get if we won a million bucks. We agreed we'd still get the Mazda. Or maybe go wild and get a little Volvo 5-door. We are wild, wild, wild people.
  9. I like the "new" tab so much that I un-bookmarked HAIF-NOW and I'm using the new tab instead. Nice feature, IMO. Mildly curious about the Facebook link, but I think I'm more interested in preserving my anonymity. Don't want the paparazzi all over me.
  10. This is what I have bookmarked. I check there, see what's new. I've never used the "new posts" or "new content" option. Haifnow is easy, and graphic-free, for those who don't like the new graphics.
  11. I like it. Good stuff. Thanks, Editor!
  12. I like Romano's. But Dolce Vita makes the best. Star cheese pizza is disgusting.
  13. I didn't see this article discussed elsewhere on HAIF: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metrop...an/6502059.html Typically for Chron reporting, the details are left vague. I couldn't figure out what was actually being proposed.
  14. Nice paint colors. And I like the finish on the wood floors.
  15. Rigor is fine. That's what peer review is for. But ignorant, blind distrust of proven science does not impress me.
  16. There are plenty of scientific "rebuttals" available. Here's one, found by a simple google search: http://www.actionbioscience.org/evolution/futuyma.html The reason there are still monkeys is that they are different, now, too. There was a common ancestor far in the past, from which various lines emerged, including human, and great apes. I think it's too bad that people distrust science so much. People refuse to believe in evolution by natural selection, yet don't stop to wonder why, if scientists are so stupid, that we've still been able to put people in space, build flat-screen t.v.s , and develop nano-science. But what do those yo-yos know, after all. I'd rather believe an ignorant politician.
  17. Fun project! Extend your concrete patio so it stretches across the back of the house. Maybe stamped concrete to look nicer? Makes for a great play area for the kiddo. You might not need to cover it if you're facing north; I assume the house shades the back yard, in part? You can think of it like two "rooms," where your living room would open on to one part, with a table and chairs, and the kidstuff: toys, sandbox, trucks, etc., but your bedroom would open out to a section of patio with a couple of padded chairs and a little table... romantic lighting... glass of wine... Put your money into the patio for now, and maybe line the yard with some ligustrum. They thrive on neglect and grow quite large, and will give your yard a cozy, landscaped feeling with very little effort. Putting them all around the edge will cost a little but they are seriously reliable. Prune them twice a year, maybe. We didn't even have a sprinkler system or anything and ours grew nicely. Third priority is probably a tree or two. Fourth priority, down the road, start putting in some flower or vegetable beds. Fun for you and the offspring to work on.
  18. This is all very good news, Dr. Food. Thanks for the updates. Westbury is such an enormous, solid residential area that is can clearly support new retail. CVS, HEB, these would all be terrific additions to the neighborhood. It would be great to see some more mom & pop-type local establishments open, too, though I guess that's unlikely these days.
  19. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/12/science/...tml?_r=1&hp Quote: VAUBAN, Germany
  20. Try negotiating for free upgrades rather than money off the asking price. Or an allowance for window treatments, or for landscaping (if there is land to scape). This won't show up on their comps.
  21. I totally agree with OP... We would get a call from Centralized Showing as the doorbell was ringing, or we would clear the kids out of the house for two hours at dinnertime to accommodate a realtor who was a no-show. And I'd say at least 50% of the time no feedback at all was left. But this is like complaining that drivers are rude. You can complain, and you'd be right, but people just are what they are.
  22. I checked out the new taco place on Caroline near the entrance to the park at the HMNS. It was pretty good. Slow, but the food was good. Basics: tacos, burritos, quesadillas. Plus they have a little patio outside, a bar inside, good music. Definitely a good option to have near the park.
  23. Hm, I will check out those other routes you mentioned. This is going to be my regular commute, so I've got to figure something out.
  24. Can someone explain to me why I can't get from 610 south (heading east) to 45 north, or the reverse (45 south to 610 south loop heading west) without going through three traffic lights? Is there seriously no direct ramp here, or have I just missed something? Plus, when I tried to follow the signs from the south loop to 45 north I actually got lost. The signs just end, and you're out there on feeder roads near Telephone Rd, with no clear way to get to 45 north.
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