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  1. I find this kind of story particularly scary in light of the home invasion in Connecticut this summer. In that case, two guys scoped out a grocery store, looking for potential victims. They spotted an attractive woman and her attractive teenage daughter, who then got into an expensive car. They followed them home. Later that night, they knocked on the door, then forced their way in. Long story short, they ended up raping the mother and two young daughters, beating the father, abducting the mother, burning the house down and killing everyone except the father, who managed to escape. Horrifying. My mother knows the man; I hate to imagine what he lived through. Anyway, a terrible story, but I think a useful reminder of how serious that type of home invasion can be. As a previous poster said, don't unlock your door to anyone you don't know, and teach your kids that rule too.
  2. Yes, I was told those were "fake" windows.
  3. I didn't think Baily Road connected to Southfork. Any neighborhoods in particular to the east that you like? I haven't looked further east than Huntington Park (which I like very much). I agree though about Southfork over 518; that's one of the reasons I prefer sections of Silverlake to neighborhoods north of 518. Thanks for the recommendation regarding Southdown.
  4. My thoughts exactly! How does she see anything?
  5. If you have a good eye you can probably find something nice at most stores; Ikea or Ashley or wherever. It's nice to mix up styles a little. I like the modern look of Ikea, but I wouldn't want my house to look like an Ikea catalogue either. I'll be interested to have a look at this store.
  6. Yes, I was thinking the same thing about the location. And I like older neighborhoods; the trees are bigger and everything feels more established. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. NJVisitor, thanks for that... very helpful. I love Southern Trails, by the way. It's just a bit pricey for us. Lovely, though.
  8. I took a quick drive through Sunrise Lakes, Autumn Lakes, & Southdown today. I've been looking for a house in Silverlake, but wanted to check out some other options. I thought the neighborhoods were pretty, but they felt a little isolated--kind of stuck between retail and the freeway. I'm interested in other people's impressions of these areas, especially if you live there. Thanks, from a potential future neighbor!
  9. Thanks for that info, Timnwendy... we are still considering Southern Trails but it's been just beyond our reach... that discount might help. I'll keep it on the table!
  10. I was told that my neighborhood used to be called "Sugar Hill." I'm at Live Oak and Calumet, right near Riverside Park.
  11. I'm not too familiar with Manvel, but I've noticed that the Silvercreek subdivision and the southern part of the Silverlake subdivision is in Manvel... is that stretch of 288 alongside Silvercreek, near the Ford dealership, where this new development will be? I'm interested in a house in Silvercreek, but I'm thinking that there's likely to be some huge retail complex a block away in the near future. Thanks for any info.
  12. I'm an Obama Mama. I like Hillary too but the Hill-Bill two-fer has been bugging me lately. I have little fear about this election. It's very likely that someone I can live with will win.
  13. This is bringing back memories. Before the kids, we lived in a little 1-BR carriage house in Montrose. One window unit for the whole place. Believe it or not, we rarely turned it on. The place was so shady, and the walls were so thick I guess, that it stayed cool. Nice. BTW, off-street parking but not a garage, and of course our car did get broken into.
  14. good luck with that. I sure hope reason wins out. It would be great if they not only voided your ticket, but changed the speed limit. I wouldn't be optimistic though.
  15. You mentioned biking to downtown: Here is a link to the city's info on the Columbia Tap rails-to-trails bikeway. The concrete has been poured over here in the Third Ward, so the project is happening. It will provide a bike trail along the east side to downtown, and south to the Med center. And by the way, it is one block from my townhouse, which happens to be for sale... http://www.publicworks.houstontx.gov/bikew...railtotrail.htm
  16. Why is it ridiculous? I think a covered porch, even a small one, is great. Especially for kids. A shady place to play with cars, and somewhere to keep furniture, toys, whatever out of the rain. Certainly a LARGE covered porch would be better, but I guess they wouldn't invest that much into an inventory home.
  17. Well, find me a crime-free neighborhood in Houston and I'll move there.
  18. FYI, Our townhouse is for sale, and is 5 minutes from the med center. Well within your budget. 2605 Calumet #47, listed on Har.com.
  19. I saw a comment in the Chron (yes, despite its stinky new website, I keep reading...) on this topic noting that W probably knows that many people will not spend this money on "stuff," they will use it to make a credit card or mortgage payment, and in fact we could see this whole idea as a bank bailout disguised as a taxpayer rebate. Interesting idea. I know I'll be using it to pay off bills and reboot my savings account, which has been drained by rising prices on EVERYTHING.
  20. I don't like it at all. I was a regular Chron reader (print, then more recently on-line), but now I find it barely readable. I agree that it seems more like the Enquirer than a reputable newspaper. I think it's pathetic.
  21. I was told by the salespeople at Weekley that it was going to be residential over there.
  22. I had the same problem with the site on my Mac for a few days. I was using Safari though. No problems last couple of days.
  23. I have a friend visiting from New York who wants to do "holiday stuff." That doesn't include going to the mall. Any ideas?
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