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  1. Great suggestions everyone, thanks so much! I remember now that I went to the Iron Cactus in Austin. The Dallas location sounds nice, in terms of the view. I think we'll also check out the Nasher, since we'll be right at the museum anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing Dallas. I have no idea what to expect.
  2. I agree with your point, for the most part. But I do think that the benefit of densification outweighs the loss of trees, in many cases. I do hate to see *nice* single-family homes being torn down in favor of townhouses, and some neighborhoods really can't support densification. I'm thinking of areas off of Washington, with narrow streets that are now so packed with the cars of the densified residents that I don't think an ambulance could get through if needed. There, single-family bungalows fit the bill nicely, and their replacement did more harm than destroying trees (though it did that, as well). But as you said, industrial areas, or extra-large lots (as in the third ward, for example) can support densification. In the third ward, I would never enjoy seeing lovely homes demolished, but I am happy to see abandoned mansions-turned-crackhouses (or whatever was going on in there... the one I observed had a lot of unsavory traffic, that's all I know) turned into townhouses. Improvement however you look at it. And there are enough trees from the surrounding homes and parks that the loss of urban canopy is negligable. Anyway, I think we mostly agree. I would also point out that in Houston trees grow pretty fast. Simple rules requiring them to be planted with new homes, including townhomes, would do a lot.
  3. I concur re. the weekly litter... my mailbox gets stuffed with those stupid trashy fliers. I complained to our mailman who told me it was from the Chronicle. I miss the dead tree edition. I read it online now, but it means I have to see all the stupid blogs, videos, etc. and it's harder to get to the editorials and commentary, which is the part I like best. IMO the Chron has gotten noticeably worse in the past 2 years.
  4. That really depends on what is torn down & what replaces it. Some urban development includes landscaping. If some kind of ... dare I suggest... planning were incorporated, you could have densification along with shady pedestrian walkways, parks, fountains, etc.
  5. Hi, the husband and I will be visiting Dallas from Houston this weekend. Briefly. I'm looking for a fun place to eat or hang out in the evening. We'll be staying at the Hilton Anatole; I don't know what neighborhood that is in. I know nothing about Dallas. He's giving a talk at the Dallas Museum of Art, so of course we'll see that. Might have time to see one more thing during the day. Thanks for any suggestions!
  6. I agree about the raised bowls. I've always thought they looked silly, and now I think they look silly and a little dated. JMHO. I assume you are looking through magazines for ideas? Dwell is an obvious choice, but one you might not think of is Elle Decor. The aesthetic is decidedly modern and they feature some really interesting houses. You might spot something unusual that you could try.
  7. I don't agree. I notice ugly power lines all over town, all the time. What I really hate are those enormous silver poles... I don't know what they are, but I think of them as the Super Power Lines. I don't understand why some areas have these... I just now drove by some on Ennis by TSU. I think it's sad that we just accept these as part of our landscape. We give up so much for the conveniences we've come to need... stars are another example. Can't see stars anymore most places. They are lovely in Vermont, however. Okay, my mind is definitely wandering. Better get back to work...
  8. It certainly looks better against the backdrop of the convention center, which arguably shares a similar "aesthetic." THey almost make sense together.
  9. Finally checked out Discovery Green today... it was great! Got the seal of approval from my 4-year-old. He did not want to leave. Played in the fountains all morning, ate a hotdog at the Lake House, played at the playground. I love the design of the park and all the features... the wood decking, the beautiful play structure, the landscaping. I hope it stays clean and well-maintained (unlike Hermann Park, where the splash area is permanently full of trash and the drains are always clogged).
  10. ? I don't understand what you mean by "in-potential." Is that a developer phrase? If you are questioning the 15 minutes from the TMC, I have to say that despite all the talk about the traffic on 288, I have driven to Pearland countless times, since we are looking at houses there. It does take 15 minutes from the museum district or med center. I'm sure it's much worse during rush hour, but it takes me 30 minutes to get from UH to Rice at rush hour, so who's going to use rush hour as a measure of travel time (especially in a promotion). Plus, rush hour on 288 is much briefer than, say, rush hour on the Katy, which as far as I can tell lasts all day.
  11. At least it's different. I like to see a little creativity at work. The whole country is turning into one big indistinguishable strip mall; if it takes monstrous presidential heads to make a place stand apart a little, I'll take it.
  12. We took the kids to Air and Space last year. I was disappointed. I thought the displays were about 30 years old. I don't think that museum has been updated in years. They took a really interesting subject and made it pretty boring. Old-school display cases full of stuff with no narrative. Even the models of the planets hadn't been updated... Pluto was there as a planet, not a dwarf planet, and Eris was missing altogether. My four-year-old knows more about planets than that display did.
  13. I almost moved to Adams Morgan in 1993, but got a job in NYC instead. My friends lived there for years though. Fun neighborhood, but definitely a bit scary. My friends were each mugged and had other somewhat unsettling experiences. I guess it was worth it for the energy, restaurants, location, etc. Now, in my advanced age as I look forward to moving to Pearland, I have to say I'm ready for a less urban urban experience. Somewhere I can feel safe bringing the kids, not worry about the car being broken into. Maybe in a yet more advanced state of age when the kids are grown I'll move back to the city and resume my lost hipster lifestyle!
  14. Almost... we were really close to going for it, but it would still push our budget a bit too far, especially given the tax rates. I think we'll do better on the other side of the freeway. It's kind of killing me, because I really like the house & the community, but it would be extremely stupid to overextend. Congratulations on your closing, by the way!!
  15. FYI (and thanks, Timnwendy, for suggesting we check this out), Ashton Woods is offering 20K in free upgrades at Southern Trails until the end of April. They are closing out the section near the pool/gym.
  16. I hadn't heard that. Certainly undermines the credibility of that guide.
  17. Thanks... I will check out the Steves guide, too.
  18. Any suggestions? I'm buying a Michelin Green Guide for the region I'll be in, but I want an overall guidebook for France for when I visit Paris and other regions. It's been years since I've left the country and I just don't remember which guide I've preferred in the past. I will be on a pretty tight budget so I want a guidebook that will allow for that.
  19. Arrive before 10:30 a.m on a weekend and you're okay. They open at 9:00 and the animals are still a little frisky in the a.m.
  20. sarahiki


    Oh, I get it... I didn't understand the correlation between the picture and user rank before. I'm so bummed that I'm a strip mall. I'd rather be a feeder road than a strip mall. What can I hope to become? Is there a list somewhere?
  21. I'm threadjacking a little here, but it's topical... speaking of advertising... and I know Memebag appreciates a little protest, so: I know lots of people hate the billboards along our freeways (should I stop calling them freeways since they may not continue to be free?). Mayor White has claimed he is trying to get rid of them. I know I hate them. So should we (that "we" means those of us who hate them) encourage companies to stop advertising on them? If Clear Channel keeps getting takers, then billboards are still good business. I'm thinking of Continental and U of Houston, in particular; also perhaps the Rockets. These are all Houston-based "companies" that I've noticed using billboards. Perhaps they could be encouraged to help beautify the city by not advertising on the billboards. What do you think? This idea has been in the back of my mind, but usually as I speed past a billboard on my way to work, where I immediately have other things to do, so I haven't acted on it yet.
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