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  1. thanks everyone; I'll post more when I get out and take some more. There's a Romanesque (12th century) church in there, with all the attached sculpture, and a Roman (1st cent.) amphitheater.
  2. dude, you need a latte or something to pick up your mood. Agreed, these rankings are based on silly numbers, but I think it's great to see Houston top a list at last... a much-deserved recognition of what a great city it has become.
  3. Hi all, thought you might a virtual vacation in the land of the euro. These are mostly from Menerbes and Arles. I haven't posted photos before so please excuse me if these don't post properly the first time:
  4. You put all of that very well... I agree with you on most points. The idea of an abortion, any abortion, truly breaks my heart. And yet, I am pro-choice. I think the most immoral thing happening today is the way that our government and others are putting obstacles between people and birth control. To limit access to birth control is morally abhorrent, in my view.
  5. You can love your country without loving its leaders.
  6. Our car needed about $800 worth of work the week the check came. Guess how I spent it?
  7. I *really* don't mean to sound preachy by saying this, but I think "they" is "you." Assuming you live in midtown?
  8. Certainly true, but I am at present in a town in France with the narrowest streets and most hairpin turns I think I've ever seen. Most of the cars are quite tiny but the larger ones do manage. They just don't have as many parking options.
  9. John Stewart told McCain that he couldn't lose if he put Hillary in the #2 spot on his ticket. McCain looked completely shocked at the idea. He was almost speechless for a moment, then allowed that he had never considered it, and it would never happen. I wondered the same thing asked above, if it could happen that we'd see a mixed-party ticket. Based on McCain's response, it seems the answer is still no.
  10. You are so wrong. Obama and Clinton are still fighting for the nomination, so shows of support like this actually matter, to gain superdelegate votes, just like a vote matters. There is nothing creepy or dangerous about it, and it's totally out-there to call Obama supporters "loons" or their presence there "mass lunacy." That kind of rhetoric is what's crazy.
  11. I'm hoping someone can make a good suggestion for me... I just signed up for skype so I can keep in touch with the family while on an extended trip next month. I have a Mac, so there's a built-in camera. My husband has a slightly older Dell laptop. Can anyone suggest a good, inexpensive camera to hook up to it, so I can video-phone with the kids? Thanks for any suggestions!!
  12. EWWWWWWW!!! thanks for that visual....
  13. I think the adjacent lot was formerly the CMH offices; now that they have the new office building, my guess would be that they are going to use the old lot for some other purpose--education, auditorium, offices, I don't know. But I am guessing that it still belongs to the Children's Museum.
  14. I think there's reason to hope for a supermarket on Almeda one of these days. Lots of new residential in the Museum District with nowhere to shop; not to mention the Third Ward with not much more than the neighborhood beer & soda stores.
  15. Nona, do you mind if I ask what general neighborhood you're in? I didn't realize there actually been depreciation in Houston. I know some of the 'burbs have been pretty flat, but that's scary that there are neighborhoods that have lost value. Anyone else know of neighborhoods losing value?
  16. Thanks again for all the suggestions. We had lunch at the Iron Cactus, checked out the Nasher Sculpture center, rode the trolley to the West Village for dinner at an awesome place called Cru... great food, great wine, highly recommend! Dallas was fabulous. It was so nice sitting at the Iron Cactus and looking out the window at the combination of historic buildings, shops, and skyscrapers. And the trolley ride through pretty neighborhoods, all the action in the West Village... very impressive!
  17. Oh, I heard something about a terminal being planned by UH. I'm not surprised to hear that demolition would be needed at the point of the rail terminus. I wonder about other places along Wheeler, though? I remember watching some townhomes go up just west of Almeda over the past couple of years, and wondering if anyone had thought about the possibility of the city claiming domain. Is the rail likely to fit in the existing lanes, with there still being room for cars?
  18. I'm with you... this is nobody's money. It's borrowed money that we'll all have to pay for. So in a sense, Memebag may be paying for your check or my check in the future, but you and me will be paying for our checks and countless others from people who pay little to no taxes. the whole idea is irresponsible; it sends the wrong message (borrow money and spend it, that's good!!). However, I bet it will work. For example, I plan to stick my whole check into savings to pad that account a little for future months of high gas/grocery bills. But I've got that "money in my pocket" feeling because of the check and can't help thinking about that camera I've been wanting to buy, etc. I'm sure no matter how good people's intentions are, they are going to do some spending.
  19. Wow, one of the most surprising thread titles I've seen in a while! I have no idea what the significance of the date is... but I will venture a guess. The 25th anniversary of the release of that Duran Duran classic single "Rio?"
  20. Who is a liberal in conservative clothing--George W. Bush, or the Chronicle? You can't mean W. If you mean the Chronicle, I would agree that there is something a little schizo about their politics, but I wouldn't describe it as liberal in conservative clothing. More like liberal but too woosey to follow through on it some of the time.
  21. Okay. I guess I'm wasting my breath to point out how absurd it is for them to break their own rules.
  22. I am homesteaded. Here are the numbers: 2007 Market: 197,026 Appraised: 197,026 2008 Market: 218, 713 Appraised: 218,713 So both went up 11%.
  23. Sorry if I'm being obtuse, but I'm saying that my tax appraisal went up 11%. NOT my market appraisal. Post #53 seems to be in reference to the market appraisal going up. So I still don't get how my tax appraisal could be raised 11%.
  24. I have the same question... my appraisal went up 11%. The tax appraisal, not market appraisal. Is this not illegal?
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