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  1. I really don't know. This is what HE says he has done: http://peterbrownforhouston.com/experience
  2. So, how to make this happen? I would guess that Peter Brown is your best mayoral choice if you harbor any hope that something like urban aesthetics will be in any way a priority. But though I like what he stands for, I have no idea how effective he would be as mayor. Bill White has been incredibly effective and seems to know how to get things done; I am not optimistic we'll get so lucky twice in a row.
  3. That is a good idea and would make a big difference. I think a big problem though are the frontage roads. If you drive down 288, which does not have frontage roads, you see the difference. It is a much more attractive freeway than any other I can think of locally. None of the nastiness that collects along frontage roads throughout the rest of the city.
  4. Here's another money-saving tip: eat vegetarian, at least some of the time. A big pot of pasta-bean soup lasts for days and costs next to nothing. Plus beans are healthy. So are vegetables, they say.
  5. I would love to drop our cable but my husband won't do without the ESPN, so that big expense has to stay. But we are cutting back on eating out, and by that mean I mean stopping at Sonic or Mission Burrito with the kids, which is about all the eating out we do. Even though these places are cheap, with four of us it's $25 or $30 each time. Plus it's junk, so win-win. We also just emptied our storage unit, which will save $75/month. edit: good thread; I hope to see other good ideas here.
  6. On what are you basing this definition? I've lived in towns all over the east coast, but it's only in Houston that I've come across these giant master-planned communities with a single entrance in or out. That may define some master-planned communities, but it does not define all suburbs. I haven't seen a good definition yet in this thread. There may not be one; older, more compact cities in the northeast are very different from sprawling sunbelt cities.
  7. Bingo. We can all admire and appreciate architecture, but if you have to choose between fine architecture and a good school/safe place for your kids, and you choose architecture, you're a real jerk. At the very least. It's great if you have the money so you don't have to choose, but not everyone does. But here we go again with the people-who-live-in-suburbs-are-stupid thread. Really, hasn't it all been said? edit: I don't live in the 'burbs, by the way. But I'm not saying I've made the best decisions.
  8. That's a pretty amazing house. So much space.
  9. I had a hard time resisting that thread, but when it got me too worked up I either ignored it for a few days or ignored particular users. It's too bad someone would leave the wonders of HAIF altogether because of one thread.
  10. It is worth checking Craigslist for ads from retail stores, though. We got a great deal from a mattress store that listed there; it must have been a surplus or floor model or something, but it was brand new in packaging.
  11. Another problem I see with a tollway in the middle of 288 is safety... I've seen people fly along Beltway 8 and the Hardy Toll road at break-neck speeds... it's like people figure they've paid for an open road, and dammit, they're going to use it. Especially when there are poor suckers crawling along in the congested free lanes, you really have to stick it to them by going 90 mph in the middle.
  12. Thanks for the info, Dalai... now, the next question has to be, what are your friends going to do with the property, and when? Inquiring HAIFers want to know!
  13. Aww, I like that place. They fixed up my car after a hit and run. Nice guys work there. Edited to add: I got hit; I was not the hitter in the hit and run!!
  14. ^^^^ That is the best press Glenbrook Valley can get! Talk about awesome neighbors.
  15. I had never been before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I thought it was great. Beautiful houses, great decorations, good music. The 2-year-old said he loved it, and the 5-year-old said it was the "best time of his whole life." So there.
  16. We are looking at HISD magnets and vanguards for our son for kindergarten next year. I toured Roberts and loved it, and have heard great reports from many friends with kids there. But it's nearly impossible to magnet into. I was also really impressed by Twain and Kolter, but I don't know anyone with kids there. Can anyone give me their impressions of or experience with these schools?
  17. No need to be obnoxious. I was just answering his question.
  18. No, UH doesn't have open enrollment. UHD does. It's confusing, isn't it? If my previous post confused you, sorry. I didn't mean "everyone" gets in; I meant they let a lot of students in, but not too many make it through.
  19. I'm not sure I agree. UH reminds me of the French universities (as far as I understand them): anyone can get in. But it's really tough to make it, once you're there. I like the idea of giving lots of students the chance to succeed, especially in a city like Houston with so many immigrants and children of immigrants. But once you get in, you have to be a fairly serious student to make it. So there's a high attrition rate. I don't know what all that does for the reputation of the school, but it should mean that someone with a degree from UH worked pretty hard to earn it, and therefore the degree means something.
  20. Confusion is bad. Just because the confusion has history doesn't make it good confusion. When I first moved here several years ago, I signed up for an evening class at UH. I looked on my trusty Houston map to see where the campus was, spotted it immediately, and headed downtown. It took quite some time of wandering through the main building, looking for someone to ask, before I finally learned that I was at the wrong university. And the thing is, I'm really not stupid. Having two schools called "UH" located a couple of miles from each other is just confusing.
  21. Well, it's not the best choice, but lord knows it's not the worst choice either so we should be happy about that. "HMU" is a reasonable good acronym; perhaps people will confuse it will HBU but some people will manage to confuse just about anything.
  22. Hey Jax, thanks for posting this question... I was wondering the same thing. I see it as a good sign. Though I suppose they could be planning to sell the lot, and want it to look more lot-like (as opposed to old-growth-forest-like).
  23. I will be there with the rest of family-iki. You won't see us though; the little boys move too fast.
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