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  1. The exterior is looking much improved. The Piper's name seems to confirm the Preslee's connection.
  2. I am on an unrelated Board for U of H, but we were briefed a number of times on the Medical school and choosing the location was a tough, but very well consider decision. They seriously considered being in the Medical Center and even identified an available piece of land, but in the end the choice was to be near campus to reinforce the ties to the university. As for the exact location and preserving the trees, I'm afraid that whole area will probably be developed over time. If you're not familiar with the U of H area, the campus is pretty hemmed in on the north by I-45, the east by the railroad tracks (with the exception of the Innovation Center (ex. Schlumberger facility) which is really a separate location) and the south by viable residential in University Oaks/Riverside Terrace. So I think that area of land to the southeast is destined to become part of the campus. There is political pressure from Third Ward leaders for U of H to not expand to the west as they feel that it would diminish the historically African American nature of the neighborhood. Plus TSU and Yates High School are right there on the border already. There is some room to expand to the north right up against I-45, but that land is currently serving as sports fields and personally I think that's a good idea as intramural sports add to the University experience and the mind boggling to me 6000+ students who live on-campus need recreation areas.
  3. Yes, huge disappointment.
  4. Seems a little premature, but Ulta Beauty is already running an ad for the General Manager position for this location.
  5. Bank of America Coming Soon sign up in the window.
  6. They tried it in Rio de Janeiro, but some people say that was just a vanity project for the Olympics. They built a 2.2 mile line and they say it cost $70M. The trip took 10 minutes, I couldn't quickly find any information on capacity/hour. A quick look on Google Maps shows the distance from the Post Office to KBR is about 1.5 miles, so about 30% shorter than the Rio line. And I love the Brazilians, but there's got to be some inefficiencies and graft in their numbers. So maybe $35-$40M? I'll leave it to others to investigate the access question and operating costs. But it would be cool!
  7. La Vibra was open last night when I drove by.
  8. I'm still hoping that they incorporate some sort of specific entrance from the bike path up in the northeast corner. Something inviting and landscaped with bike racks obviously. Don't see anything like that in the drawings.
  9. These have been my thoughts all along during the campaign. Metro should act immediately to start a line down Richmond from Midtown to at least Sage.
  10. If we're going to have them then that is the place: downtown, always been commercial, not towering over many single family homes.
  11. These guys are progressing as there is a TABC permit notification in the window of the south end of the building.
  12. I think the Houston Farmer's Market is a bad name from a Marketing perspective. Houston is a huge sprawling place so "Houston Farmer's Market" lacks specificity. We're already seeing lost tourists in the Heights on Saturday mornings stopping to ask directions to "the farmer's market" that they've heard about, but they don't know which of the many different one's they're really looking for. It could be Canino's or many times it's one of the many small collections of individuals at places like Onion Creek, etc. Retaining Airline or Canino's in the name would help them stand out from the rest.
  13. There's a banner up on the west end of the building announcing a pediatric dentistry office.
  14. Probably. The temporary sign is hanging on the far east wall of the building.
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