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  1. Looks like they're starting on the end transitions of the tunnels. They removed some of the dirt that was in the way and there are these new concrete arcs being set up.
  2. The dirt has reached the top of the easterly tunnels.
  3. The dirt is getting higher on the north side of the tunnels. And they are installing that black covering on the outside of the concrete. I haven't seen any progress on the end of the tunnel transitions yet.
  4. Daylight Saving Time allowed enough light for me to see all of the dirt that they've piled up on the south side of the tunnels. It's a lot more than shown here. And they're using a fleet of dump trucks to get the job done.
  5. They've begun assembling the fourth tunnel.
  6. The walls have been up for a few weeks and they finally finished filling in the big hole where the parking lot is supposed to be.
  7. The first section of a westwardly tunnel is up.
  8. Just to add to the photo above, they've started on the westbound tunnel.
  9. Coming Soon sign has gone up for MiraZone Spa.
  10. Not much is happening. Here is a view looking south from the bike trail.
  11. You beat me to it. And I agree that it looks taller than I expected, taller than a regular freeway overpass. But that's a good thing as the more elevation, the better the views of the Galleria and Downtown.
  12. Demo is continuing. Here is a photo from White Oak.
  13. I think that you also need to specify whether there is going to be a garage utilizing the alley. When I built my garage extension I learned that the minimum setback distance for a garage door is larger than for a building wall with the reasoning being that a garage door needs to be setback further in order to allow sufficient room to turn the car into the garage. I have forgotten the number, but it is a certain number of feet from the far side of the alley to the garage. The reason that they measure from the far side of the alley is to compensate for alleys of varying width i.e. if you have
  14. They have removed all of the trees from the median of Memorial Drive between the two traffic lights at each end of Picnic Lane. And there is fencing up on the north side of the street along parts of the jogging trail. I couldn't tell for sure, but it may be part of re-routing the jogging trail during construction as early reports said that the trail would remain usable.
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