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  1. I think that you also need to specify whether there is going to be a garage utilizing the alley. When I built my garage extension I learned that the minimum setback distance for a garage door is larger than for a building wall with the reasoning being that a garage door needs to be setback further in order to allow sufficient room to turn the car into the garage. I have forgotten the number, but it is a certain number of feet from the far side of the alley to the garage. The reason that they measure from the far side of the alley is to compensate for alleys of varying width i.e. if you have
  2. They have removed all of the trees from the median of Memorial Drive between the two traffic lights at each end of Picnic Lane. And there is fencing up on the north side of the street along parts of the jogging trail. I couldn't tell for sure, but it may be part of re-routing the jogging trail during construction as early reports said that the trail would remain usable.
  3. The steel structure has been up for a week or so.
  4. I was at the park last night. They have installed fencing along the south side of Memorial through this area.
  5. I hope someone has a long memory, but I think my parents used to run a grocery store out of that building in the late 60's or early 70's. They had a store in that area called MG Food Market and it looks about right to my fading memory. I can't find any old pictures of the store so I can't be sure.
  6. The project and this thread are back from the dead. They've been working on it for the last few weeks. For years it was the steel work, the roof and the back half of the building was cinder blocks. Lately they painted the blocks, added the brick work and windows and they have paved some or all of the parking lot.
  7. Here's a photo of the work that has gone on for the last couple of weeks. It's not really visible, but there's a fairly sizable hole where the building is supposed to go. In the back they're setting up the forms for the parking lot.
  8. Wolfsmiths Heights has opened on 26th Street just east of Shepherd. They bill themselves as "Houston's First Moto Café". And it's exactly that, a combination motorcycle repair shop and coffee bar. I'm really into cars so I think it's cool. https://wolfsmithsheights.com/
  9. We're mixing locations here. The thread is for the main campus and the Harvey flood pictures are of the Downtown campus.
  10. The exterior is looking much improved. The Piper's name seems to confirm the Preslee's connection.
  11. I am on an unrelated Board for U of H, but we were briefed a number of times on the Medical school and choosing the location was a tough, but very well consider decision. They seriously considered being in the Medical Center and even identified an available piece of land, but in the end the choice was to be near campus to reinforce the ties to the university. As for the exact location and preserving the trees, I'm afraid that whole area will probably be developed over time. If you're not familiar with the U of H area, the campus is pretty hemmed in on the north by I-45, the east
  12. Seems a little premature, but Ulta Beauty is already running an ad for the General Manager position for this location.
  13. Bank of America Coming Soon sign up in the window.
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