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  1. Marvin was as bllazy as they came also. Going after fugitives on his own dime back in the days when he was a Sheriff. I don't think Marvin was scared of anyone or anything as far as I can tell.

    I'm going to remember him more for helping the indigent and also getting rid of "slime in the ice machine!!"

  2. Believe it or not, my wife actually wanted to do this also.So, no worries there, but You can't own your own Hooter's though. You have to go into business with them, where you are forced to buy what and where they tell you. Ed McCool is the only person in Houston, that actually owns his OWN Hooter's, the rest are company owned. He has the one on Gessner and Westheimer. Super good guy, known him for about 10+ years. He GM'd for them forever, and they rewarded him.

    I'd hire Red to handle the SH.

    edit: OH, and I couldn't quite come up with the $500k in the bank to show I was worthy. I was only about $499k shy. Those Bastards !

    Why don't you start your own place similar to Hooters? It seems like they have been surviving w/o any competition. Why not open a restaurant similar to theirs? Hey, you probably won't need $500k to start one on your own. :)

  3. Sifu, you say your house is only 2.5 yrs. old ? What was the warranty on the house when you bought it, some builders have been offering up to 5 years of warranty to get business.

    Yes, my house is only 2.5 yrs old. Brought it brand new from First Texas Homes. It is a one-year limited warranty, so expired already. I think most builders only have one year.

    cultured marble. several the the townhomes on oak place had a similar problem. the material is good but i'll bet those were poured too thinly and cracked. you should contact one of the companies here that does that. i know there's one on almeda genoa in the 77075 zip. we've used them several times and have been satisfied.

    Ok, which business. I'll see if they can fix the cracks rather than getting a brand new one. Right now, i don't think i can afford a brand new one right now. Thanks.

  4. werd.gif i hate that!! the other day there was this fool just cruisin all sittin sideways in the left lane. he was going about 55mph i got irrated and all he could see was me doing this in his rear view mirror rant2.gif

    he moved and traffic started flying by him. what an idiot, the dumb a$ even had a radar detector, WTF for i dont know rolleyes2.gif

    Houston has the dumbest drivers by far!

  5. It seems to me that during the past 5-7 yrs, the quality of homes being built is most likely not as good as homes built like 10-15 yrs ago. They are cranking them out nowdays. However, it also depends on the builder. With that being said, i can't recommend my builder(First Texas Homes) because of poor quality and workmanship. I bought a new home from them just over 2.5 yrs ago and now the bathroom sink has cracks near the drain. I was told that the drain was probably tightened too much causing the sink to crack by the builder or whoever their contractor was. Also, the carpets in my living room, hallway,and den are wavy now. I was also told by many that the carpets were most likely not stretched properly when being laid. The walls scratch so easily leaving marks.

    The previous house that i lived in which was already 7 yrs old at the time didn't have any problems until after i lived in it for 12 years. The sink started to crack around then.I never had any carpet problems especially being wavy or bumpy. I have learned my lesson that you get what you pay for when it comes to selecting a builder.

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