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  1. Have you always had the charge for the regional water authority? Does that have something to do with the switch from ground to surface water?
  2. Will all of you darned kids PLEASE get off of my interlawn!!! Seriously though, I have a hard time getting too nostalgic about these things mainly because there are very few on that list that I would want to do with my daughter that I feel like I can't. I guess catching fireflies as I don't really see them anymore...
  3. I'm in MUD 364 managed by the same company. I believe the effect you are seeing on your bill is due to the tiered system of the water rates. Once your water usage reaches a certain level, you are charged a higher rate for each gallon you use. So you probably used more due to the drought, and this was exponentially reflected in your bill as the rate increased along with the increased usage.
  4. I don't know about the new location, but the one off 1960 and 290 (is Wortham the cross street?) is the best bar in NW Houston that I have been to, and maybe the best suburban bar in general. The live music, numerous TVs, great service, and good clientele put it over the top. Also, in the summer evenings the shaded deck is really surprisingly nice. Some nights that I have been it has been quite crowded, but I think that even kind of adds to the atmosphere, kind of gives a urban pub vibe. Having Texadelphia right next to it for a late night snack doesn't suck either. Any time I have friends visiting I take them here, and have not been disappointed, so I would recommend trying the new locale if it is closer to you.
  5. You guys are definitely in the easier bracket, especially now that CSU Fullerton is out. They kind of put all the pitching in the other bracket with UT, ASU, and UNC. UT is gonna have a tough time with ASU today and has to play better than they did against Southern Miss. I think the winner of tonight's game will face LSU in the title game, not sure who wins two out of three there, might depend on how the pitching sets up for either ASU or UT...
  6. Sign from Hempstead Highway says warehouse and office space...
  7. No doubt, the last one did it....one of the coolest cities in the US and some great pictures Chamo...
  8. Well, I think the building in first picture (far left) is in Caracas Venezuela, along with the gothic cathedral in the second set, so I think Chamo is the winner....waiting for confirmation....
  9. I'm gonna say Lima... Second guess Bogota....
  10. IF there was an organized effort by the residents of the Cypress, Klein, and Champions areas outside 1960 to incorporate I think that would be a great thing. The deal with the Woodlands has certainly set a precedent, but that is going to take a lot of work and organization from local residents and I am not sure the will is there, but I sure wish it were. I realize there is a big difference from 750,000 to 450,000 or whatever the real number is, but either way that would be considered a large city, and would be ranked what, 6th or 7th in the state???
  11. ABC 13 (aka the scare mongers) showed our area received around 11 inches in 24 hrs. That is a ton of rain. No one in Coles or Longwood flooded to my knowledge, but Jarvis was impassable between Barker-Cypress and Telge.
  12. It was definitely one of the worst tournaments in recent memory. I can think of only a few memorable shots off the top of my head, Siena's point guard hitting the three against OSU, Reynolds' shot against Pitt... There was really only one great night where I really felt the madness, when Siena-OSU and Wisc-FSU were in OT at the same time.
  13. In a 10 person bracket pool with no money on the line on an anonymous internet forum? I think I will manage to sleep tonight... In my other pool I got beat by a guy who is a t-shirt Duke and OU fan, now that one stings a little...
  14. Haven't heard about the new place, but sure do miss Sam's Roadhouse...used to really enjoy going there for crawfish, horseshoes, and college bball.
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