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  1. Wonderful collection ! Just spent 15 mins , of time travel.
  2. What is that the young guy is holding ? a scooter ?
  3. I remember the Ritzee. Gulf Fwy @ College ave . in South Houston . Hot spot to cruize in the mid sixties ! . It definitly wasn't black .
  4. Store flyers passed out last December said that they were moving to the old Circuit City location and would be back in business by the end of January . Did this fall through ? Anyone know what happened ?
  5. Now Baker has shown up on KSEV. That really where he belongs . Another right-wing DJ prick .
  6. I think Dance Town is still there . But its a bingo hall now . I even think the sign is still there . I moved away from Houston six years ago , but when I use to be in that part of town I would sometimes pull into the old parking lot there and crank up the volume on my Johnny Bush tape just for old times sake .
  7. Bud and Bud , the Hooper Twins ! They were identical twins and a real popular local act back then . They played C+W clubs all over town .
  8. Thanks a lot ! Just what I needed . Another site where I can spend hours and hours of time .
  9. Looks like a set . Something about it seems too clean . Plus the covered wagon thing above the door?
  10. Yeah he's filling in for Dan Patrick whose been doing Edd Hendee's AM show . ( Hendee lost his son in a skiing accident ) I guess this will be Malone's "big break " .
  11. I remember West Beach in the 80's when you could build a fire , camp and spend the night . Not a beach house in sight .
  12. J W

    Damn, it's HOT

    You're not serious about bahai grass I hope . Yes its' drought hardy , but it's stems are tough as vinyl . Hard to mow . An ugly invasive grass that has no purpose in the city . Its a pasture grass used for cattle grazing .
  13. I had a charter membership going back to the summer of 87 when it opened up . I remember how really nice and clean it was the first couple of years . A few times during a weekday I remember having the whole place to myself . That didn't last for long .
  14. Dog eat dog ! Survival of the fittess ! Greed is good ! Real mainstream stuff there buddy.
  15. Sad but so true . Remember John Matthews, aka "the King" ?
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