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  1. I rode in it in 1976. It was decommissioned to avoid safety hazards because of it's age. It was decided that it would not be replaced because their were already enough around the country. The ride was pretty boring. Very, very, very slow!
  2. Wasn't Best sold to Wilson's or something? I was under the impression that Best was bought by another company. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m309..._v27/ai_6749652
  3. Shakey's Pizza was good pizza and they had good games there too! I can still see their pizza sign. Does anyone have a pic of the sign?
  4. Rock candy of every color! That was soooo cooool when I was a kid! I had forgotten about that place with good pizza, ice cream, and a candy shop out of any kid's dreams! Cool one Enviromain.
  5. Nope, but I do remember the artificial ski mountain some crazy person or company made that was located near the intersection of 610 and Hwy 59S. I couldn't believe they would actually believe the ice would not melt! Hello? Texas heat! Funny.
  6. Check out this link to the music that goes with this picture: http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_pl...919319&q=hi
  7. My oldest brother used to go to the Catacombs Club for concerts on occasion. It seems like that's where all the action was back in the day. I wasn't old enough to go to concerts yet. It seems like that's where Joe Cocker played for a night.
  8. Why do you always stir up trouble? If you haven't noticed, Houston has a lot of Spanish heritage. There are ways to express your opinion without insulting others. Be nice, for goodness sake FilioScotia! This is an educational and productive forum for nice people. Without courtesy to others this cannot work!
  9. I don't know if Fountain View has a fountain, but that's a possibility. Or, how about the fountain located on Savoy Dr. between Harwin and 59. I know it was drained for repairs at one time, but I do not know if it is still a working fountain. I'll look for a picture, but not sure if I can help you with that one.
  10. Sorry, was just trying to help you. I wasn't trying to discredit anyone. I just hit search images and this is what I got. And yes, I made a mistake in the past and wrote an apology to the webmaster. I can't help it if your friends photos are in a search engine. Maybe you should be mad at the image search engines. Good Day!
  11. Hope ya like it! Not sure on the year, but I'm betting 1960's-1970's. Bonus:
  12. This is the old Galveston Daily News building located on Mechanic St. This was the first building in the United States of American architecturally designed solely for a newspaper plant. As you know, today the building is a residential complex.
  13. John Wayne does not have to cry!!! Constructively, Navtive Americans were not litter bugs. By burying their waste it would decompose faster and not be left to decay and be scavenged in a living environment. Guess what? Modern day humans do it too! We call them landfills! Addressing the cache method: No different than placing your tools and more in your garage or food in your frige! Some caches were full of jerky and other preserved foods to rely on in poor-hunting periods like winter.
  14. Rumor still has it that they could close their doors at any time. From what I have read, it's basically the long-time loyal customers that continue to support Felix's and campaine for open doors.
  15. Wow, times have definitely changed! Thanks Man.
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