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  1. Susan...I think I was just a few years ahead of you at Jackson, but I have a much different memory of it. For me there were plenty of knives and guns and gangs. There were hispanic gangs that we called Pachucos back in '67-68 that used to rob me of my lunch money all the time at knifepoint. I think the Pachuco look was left over from the 40s and 50s and was like the Zoot Suit look without the suit. I knew someone who refused to give up his lunch money and got slashed across the face with a razor for it. There was a large gangfight in either '67 or '68 that we called the Eastwood Park Fight. I knew a guy named Cowboy (don't know what his real name was) that got stabbed in the back with a butcher knife in that fight. I knew more than a few people that brought guns to school on more than one occasion. Coach Herman showed me a box up in the coaches office once that was full of all the switchblades, brass knuckles, pipes, and chains that had been confiscated. There were a few kids at Jackson who's parents were Bandidos and the kids would wear the colors around the school. Maybe things quieted down after you got there. Many people I knew used metal shop to make knives. Drugs were also quite common.
  2. I believe the Pimm's Cup is the signature cocktail of the Napoleon House Bar/Restaurant in New Orleans. I've never tried one, but now you've got me curious.
  3. The John Austin map show volume 32 page 97. This would be the plat map of the subdivision. You can look at that map at Harris County Deed Records at 102a San Jacinto. That plat map may contain the deed record and the original owner's name. Is that directly behind the Farmer's Market? John Austin Block Book with Sapp Gardens
  4. Here is another block book map of that section of the John Austin Survey. This should give some idea of how everything fits together and the names of the other tiny subdivisions around there. Often small landowners would turn their land holdings into subdivisions and that appears to be what happened here. I would be surprised if the landowner that developed that small subdivision wasn't named Sapp: John Austin Block Book with Sapp Gardens
  5. I guess so....I think that was a common misconception at the time. I wasn't a big Wings fan anyway. A year before that concert I went on a backpacking trip to Colorado and all along the way every radio station was playing "Listen to What the Man Said". I got so sick of that song I never wanted to hear it again along with "Love Will Keep Us Together" by The Captain and Tenille.
  6. I had a roommate during that time who had a boyfriend that set up the electronics for various touring bands. Her boyfriend was working on the Clash's Combat Rock tour. When his bands came through Houston we could get in free and sometimes hang out with the bands after the shows. The next day the band would usually go to Austin and me and my roommate would take a road trip to see the band again in Austin. The bands always stayed at the same motel on South Congress, but I can't think of the name. It reminded me of the Allen Park Inn in Houston. Anyway. while we were there they were filming the "Rock the Casbah" video and we got to watch them making that video. I think the concert was at the Austin Coliseum. I don't have my tickets anymore to the Clash show, but here's another ticket I have from that time: I thought The Stray Cats show was very good, but after the show we went to some Icehouse down the street when we heard some there were some blues guitarist playing. The blues guitarist were Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughn, Joe Ely, and "Little" Charlie Sexton. After listening to that group jam for a few hours, the Stray Cats show didn't seem quite so good anymore.
  7. I saw many shows at the Summit, but I think this was the first. I won two tickets on KLOL from Crash Collins by answering a trivia question about the family fortune (Eastman-Kodak) that Linda McCartney was heiress to. Check out that parking fee.
  8. I found this in one of my boxes of stuff that I never threw away. We are coming up on the 30th anniversary of this show.
  9. I drove past the house on my lunch hour and I didn't see anything at all going on at the Robinson house. In the words of David Byrne it was the "same as it ever was". There was some construction at a house catty-corner across the street.
  10. What it says is that Andalusia Homes LP has made application to build a 102 unit apartment complex on that site to be called the Andalusia Apartments. Looks like another Houston landmark will so be just a memory (and a photograph)
  11. The area around W. Cowen, E. Cowen, and Crestwood was the location of the Army Base hospital.
  12. Where did the FBI comment from from? That sounds strange to me seeing how Mr. Hughes was in bed with the CIA on the Glomar Explorer project to raise the sunken Russian submarine.
  13. Norman Baxter picked up the phone book duties when the other artist stopped: "In 1983 the University of Houston campus was featured on the cover of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Yellow Pages. Illustrated by artist Norman Baxter, founding partner of Houston advertising firm Baxter & Korge, the cover is a realistic drawing of campus dotted with whimsical vignettes. There
  14. It's not that unnoticeable and it's easy to find if you know where to look. It used to have more distinguishing features (metal ornamentation), but someone removed that to discourage too many visitors:
  15. I found it interesting that the soldier who took all those photos mentioned, in one of his letters home, catching horned toads in the Memorial Park area. We used to find horned toads when we went dewberry picking in SW Houston in the 60s. I wonder when horned toads disappeared from the Houston area and where is their closest habitant now.
  16. Yes...you are right...I must have received some bad information.
  17. People forget where the water courses used to be with all of the filled in gullies, but when something like Allison happens, the water remembers. Troon Road in River Oaks was originally a deep gully that was landscaped and paved. I imagine Tiel Way was too. I know the houses on Tiel Way flooded during Allison, but I don't know about Troon.
  18. Here is a topo map of the same area a few years later:
  19. The Washington Road used to cross Eureka Junction at street level until the 1930s when they added the underpass. That crossing behind the guy on the tracks is Eureka Junction crossing before the underpass was built. The photo I took shows the same scene, but a track has been added and the place where those warning barricades are in the old photo, are now the top of the bridge of the RR tracks over the underpass. The track on the right is the old Houston & Texas Central (Southern Pacific) which runs along 290. The track on the left, I think, is the MKT track and wasn't added until the turn of the century. That is the link to Stella, or the Stella cutoff, or the Stella Link which runs through Memorial Park. This would be the area marked Eureka Pines on the Camp Logan map. Here is another view of the same location from an automobile's perspective:
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