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  1. They had a location in the early 80s on Westheimer, in the same complex as the original Brown Book Store.
  2. The history of Wicks 'n Sticks is something I would like to find more of - did they have a catalog circa 1980 that illustrates all the crazy candle designs? Are there candle catalogs from this era, not necessarily from Wicks 'n Sticks, which include these sorts of candles? Is there anywhere on the web that showcases the candles of this era? According to their Wikipedia entry, the chain started in Houston in 1968. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicks_'N'_Sticks Does anyone know more about it?
  3. This is one of my more enigmatic memories of the Galleria. I mostly remember that Nan's had displays set up by the original movie theater during Star Wars' first run in 1977-78, when there was always a long line for it. The display featured bootleg lightsaber toys before the official Kenner version. The enigmatic part is that I cannot remember where the actual store was located, and it is hard to sort out my memories of it and other hobby shops of the time. I vaguely remember they were selling Kenner's line of die-cast Star Wars toys, but not the rest of the Kenner toys. I also remember buying a book of Michael Goodwin's Star Trek cartoons, because I was not yet playing wargames or D&D, so it was hard to find something I could understand at a young age. Around 1983-84, Nan's was located about a mile west of the Galleria on Westheimer. It was next to Briargrove dollar theater, which sometimes played old cigarette commercials along with the film trailers. This incarnation of Nan's was pretty small, and the only comics they stocked at the time were ElfQuest and maybe a few more independents like Cerebus. I guess this was before the SW-Freeway location near Shepherd.
  4. There was a seller of new books in Westbury Square around 1979-80. They had a selection of Usborne books and other imports that was more extensive than you would find in an ordinary store. Was this Herrick? By the mid-80s they were gone, but a seller of comics and collectible magazines had opened around the corner. It was staffed by an older gentleman, plus a younger man with a brit accent who moved very slowly and carefully, as if he were over-cautious about damaging collectible stuff. The original Brown Book Store (located on Westheimer near the Hobbit Hole restaurant) and the Sam Houston bookstore in the Galleria both had elevated children's sections, so as a kid you would feel like you were climbing into a treehouse. A quote from: "Further west near Kirkwood, in the 1980s people began converting those mini-storage units facing Beechnut into storefronts. That seemed to last for a long time, but I don't remember seeing any storefronts on a recent drive-through." I believe the writer of this post may be referring to a complex which was home to A Few Books & Records in the mid-80s. I had just seen The NeverEnding Story, and all the old books reminded me of the bookstore in the film. It then moved to a strip-style shopping center (possibly at 11332 Beechnut) that was also the location of a teen club. There was a 7" record on display behind the counter, called "Alief, My Alief," or something like that. I never bought the record, and have never been able to find the recording online. Does anyone remember it? The owner, a tall, thin, middle-aged man with glasses and a receding hairline, passed away about 1987 and the store was inherited by two of his elderly female relatives. They seemed at a loss over how to manage the store. They tried stocking it with a paltry selection of Warhammer figures to bring in a fresh crowd, but complained bitterly when it didn't work and moved the store to a stall in an antiques mall to save on rent.
  5. I remember a Kendrick books in a house in Bellaire, possibly on South Rice Ave., which closed around 1986.
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