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  1. https://communityimpact.com/houston/heights-river-oaks-montrose/business/2022/09/22/a-2nd-cup-coffee-shop-to-relocate-from-heights-announces-second-location-coming-to-third-ward/ 2nd cup confirmed they are moving to Lindale Park, and opening a second location in the third ward
  2. Yeah I really wanted this place to do well, but I was disappointed every time I went there. Really slow service, . food and high prices :/
  3. I was really disappointed when they did a bunch of work on the main drainage point in Spott's park (brand new concrete culvert and pipe it looked like), only for all the water to pool NEXT to the drain and cover up the path to the bayou.
  4. Yeah TBH I'm a little sad that I will still be able to see it haha. Meanwhile I definitely won't be able to see the astrodome anymore, which I was able to on a clear day before.
  5. There’s some work going on in the lot south of this building (digging up a portion of the parking lot). Not sure if these are related.
  6. It’s part of phase 1, but the building hasn’t been announced. Some folks here have commented that it would be a good sized lot for a grocery store 😇
  7. Yeah I had the same thought. How about before/after of 59/69 being covered by a highway cap?
  8. Hey how else is the home renovation industrial complex supposed to make that $$?
  9. Looks like they have reached the first step in the building (on the right side) Gives some perspective on how tall this will be!! We're only ~1/3 of the total height so far.
  10. One comment re: rail line. the NHHIP project will be taking over all the space northwest of the tracks (where the warehouse and gas station are currently located).
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