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  1. Ok got way too down the rabbit hole on this one, but found this quote in the linked document concerning this site (P49) "Current land use of the Olshan property is commercial; however, planned future use of the subject property is residential redevelopment." https://www.publicworks.houstontx.gov/sites/default/files/assets/msd-application_2019_129_olc.pdf from 2019, so take from that what you will.
  2. Well I for one like trains, hopefully this controversial opinion will stand 🚄
  3. To be fair to tbell, pretty much everything qualifies for CA's cancer warnings https://www.popsci.com/california-coffee-cancer-warning/
  4. They stop by somewhat frequently (maybe once a month or once every two months), mostly on the weekends.
  5. I feel like Washington Ave has such potential to be a nice bike/transit corridor, especially with all the density that is coming up lately.
  6. I'm always impressed with the downtown views from this area or the East River development :)
  7. From the article linked above “now it welcomes visitors with little metal signs posted along its path: “The bayou doesn’t move the way lightning can,” reads the first. Follow the path, and the signs form a bayou-centric poem by University of Houston professor Martha Serpas”
  8. Makes me think of a Courtyard Marriott
  9. Actually just walked through the tunnels here yesterday, a few are still surviving :) This place had a hard time holding tenants in the tunnels long before 2020 -- I always wondered if the rents were unreasonably high compared to other buildings. Its a really high traffic location (in the before times at least).
  10. This thing is wild on a couple of different levels, but I love the vision!
  11. Is that a helipad in the park? Wonderful to see this area get built out, gives me hope for the other oceans of asphalt in downtown.
  12. Similar setup for Karbach as well — just up the street actually.
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