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  1. Interesting that this map still shows the current highway layout, I would have thought they would have incorporated the NHHIP alignment.
  2. Presentation from this past January, has anyone heard anything more about this project? https://www.eastenddistrict.com/wp-content/uploads/2021-01-28-Navigation.pdf
  3. Slowly but surely the east end bike network is starting to get put together :)
  4. Speaking of, I have not heard anything about them building the bike loop in the west part of the park (right next to the highlighted portion of memorial dr). I know that the picnic loop will be going away as part of their whole re-do with the land bridge (replaced with more walking/MTB trails). Sounds like the park will be without a dedicated biking area for at least a few years if they havent' even announced things :(
  5. Will no one think of the poor SUVs?!
  6. https://www.accurateautoadvice.com/buying/car-buying-negotiation-tips-patience-and-walking-away/
  7. I'm assuming that they would be able to build out the space to meet whatever sort of layout/design they would like (size/equipment in kitchen, layout of dining, overall style etc). Its a lot cheaper to build walls etc from scratch than to tear down the existing structure and replace. I have no insider info, but I could see the folks at the new development giving them a pretty sweet deal as well (on rent or the cost of building out a new space) to be able to say 'hey we have a James Beard Award winning chef'.
  8. Would they test the soil for any contaminants as well? I'm assuming this was a formerly industrial property given that it is the east end.
  9. I know every news outlet wants to compare this to the River Walk, but the more I see of this, the more I am reminded of The Pearl redevelopment. Not that this is a bad thing though -- they did a great job making that a fun destination :)
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