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  1. That's what was announced in July
  2. Lone Star Saloon just opened again this week.
  3. Eh, its just one of a thousand parking lots to worry about. I'll just hope that it gets turned into some cool new development in the future to compliment the park. Multi parcel blocks are just more fun anyway.
  4. $10.99 for 5 tiny 1/3 sized tacos. Read some of their reviews. Show me another counter service place with the same prices for that size taco. You guys are funny... edit: The normal sized tacos on that menu are 3 for $12.99. $4.33 each.
  5. It's probably the most expensive taco shop in the entire city.
  6. There's a new cafe there that was finished a few weeks ago, but I've never seen it open.
  7. Must be a lot of people excited to pay $25 for 3 mini tacos.
  8. Orgeat is mostly used for mai tais.
  9. They sure do have a monopoly on the homeless market. Why would they want to change?
  10. This is not true. There is always people there now unless its its a bad weather day.
  11. As long as the drinks are cheap I could care less. If they keep everything from the last place, it was actually pretty nice.
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