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  1. This is correct. Shared parking with the main building across the street. Office daytime use is balanced out with nighttime and weekend restaurant and retail uses. Fairly standard practice in mixed use developments.
  2. Two retail stores, one cafe or juice bar. Top two floors are the library. Library May have an outdoor deck on Level 3 that overlooks Grant.
  3. If you want to use it yourself it’s the Manganese Ironspot brick from Cloud Ceramics. Fairly cost competitive vs boring red brick.
  4. Complicated brick laying pattern here. Plus there is only brick on that stair tower so it doesn’t make sense to put scaffolding on the whole Crocker facade.
  5. It’s not the permitting or the cost. It’s solely the developers risk tolerance. Radom Capital definitely sees the payoff in leasable spaces if they spend money on good design. Rice Design Alliance Super in depth article on the project from Rice Design Alliance. 1689357034_MontroseCollectiveRisingRiceDesignAlliance.pdf
  6. Pretty sure it’s the Guardian SNX 62/27. Super clear but has a lot of reflection. I’ve used it on other projects and it looks the same.
  7. I think you're right about wait and see. The rest of the materiality of the building will make a big difference.
  8. South side of the street. There should be a new permit being pulled for 920 Westheimer which is a remodel of the Hue/Rosemont facade. And if it hasn't started already there should be information on 1001 California which is the new Library building. I don't have access to the computer at the moment so I can't look them up.
  9. Based on the pictures that have been posted here, the construction schedule of being finished by June 2021 seems tight. The building isn’t even dried in yet... Has anyone driven by lately and seen progress on the Crocker stairwell? Any doors going in?
  10. That's as tall as the building will be on Westheimer. The steel being set at the tall elevator core on Grant St. is the top of the rest of the building.
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