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  1. That's as tall as the building will be on Westheimer. The steel being set at the tall elevator core on Grant St. is the top of the rest of the building.
  2. Might see the crane boom swing around too. Should be left unlocked so it doesn't torque the tower under wind loads.
  3. It’s inside this project, so wouldn’t the Houston Live Nation HQ come afterwards in all cases? Venues is another question...
  4. Finished face of building on Westheimer should be ~17' off the curb at a minimum (by Restaurant A); and ~25' maximum.
  5. @hindesky Thanks for the OSHA lesson. Definitely makes these guys erect faster.
  6. Definitely not the finished look. The renderings show a decorative screen covering the facade. And they are only 5 months into a 1.5 year long construction. Obviously much more work to do.
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