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  1. Looks like the first floor slab. The black box look like shear wall formwork. Not so sure it's a box though, looks only like an "L"
  2. 199' tall tower crane application approved by the FAA on Tuesday this week. I would guess we will see the crane go up by next week. letter_434486880.pdf
  3. The "Montrose Collective" incorporates Uchi, Hue, Rosemont, Southside Espresso, etc...
  4. Pretty sure that these are all the same project, just different views. You can catch glimpses of each part in the others. Guess we will see as its built.
  5. Renderings attached in case removed from Chron.
  6. I posted one on Tuesday with the tower knocked down. The site should be clear of debris by now. Just haven't made it back out there.
  7. FYI, you can download Google Earth Pro for free. Then go to the "view > historical imagery" and you can tab thru the years on record.
  8. Google Earth historical imagery shows houses for 1944, 1978, and then jumps to 1989 when the Menil was already complete. 1944 1978 1989
  9. Well said. I also agree with what you've said. This is most likely at the end of their SD phase. It's most likely going through a round of schematic pricing to see roughly where the cost is. Then it'll more through value engineering. I expect to see another round of renderings after this that have a little more realism to the materials and structural realities (looking at you 50 ft cantilever).
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