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  1. This is how our skyline looks at least downtown at night glad looks better during the day
  2. Awwww nothing like seeing a crane go up... but for parking garages lol
  3. So I assume they gave about 7 months to finish if they want that target date.
  4. The bedding for the next available super bowl is not yet available the next 4 are set in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Miami, LA. Houston committeejust announced they will start working ASAP for the next possible super bowl. Might be a long shot since arizona, new Orleans, are part of the rotation.
  5. It was a success and I hope that investors liked how Houston did and it's potential as it keeps growing. I have a feeling more great things are coming.
  6. All LEDS are not up yet at least not all from the crown.
  7. I hope the crown will be available to at least light up during the super bowl and give our skyline some life
  8. Wow ESPN new spot is not a very good one in my opinion I'm surprised I haven't heard of someone setting up at Eleanor Tinsley park with the view of downtown
  9. Boy do they keep changing this I think is going on 10 years trying to make this happen they should just forget about it
  10. It's true is not yet finished but boy there's only about 3 weeks left for the superbowl it's really 4 but I assume it takes a week to set up for ESPN.
  11. Looks awesome the dead trees kills the vibe a bit that's the downside of having this type of weather around this time of year where a freeze kills some trees and plants and a few days after is all sunny.
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