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  1. I get you, but Idk, I'm pretty sure I saw the most recent. If I remember clearly, the architect is HOK.
  2. Definitely not, this building sure is one of a kind. There's three tiers to this building and it's more of a rounder type of building. Hard to describe
  3. I got to see the renderings today...and what I can describe is a 38-40 story building, and 3 other shorter towers ranging between 10-15 stories. From what you saw from previous renderings, the buildings look nothing like that. I would say the main tower is also within the 450-475ft range based on what I saw. There is a lot of glass and it is a very sleek, modern looking building. That's all I can say...there's also this little sky bridge that goes over Allen Pkwy to the park.
  4. Not sure if any one noticed buuuuuuttttt.... 609_Main_at_Texas-20170206-191549 by Chris Rojas, on Flickr
  5. The crane is so tall that it doesn't fit in the camera lmao 1600_West_Loop-20161017-092425 by Chris Rojas, on Flickr
  6. From the angle of the last picture, 609 Main looks like a razor blade.
  7. Is it me or do the buildings look like they were created in minecraft but with a texture/resource pack?
  8. Beat me to it, I saw it too as I was at the Galleria today.
  9. Woow, instead of coming on HAIF excited to see something new or updates, I come on here to find 16 pages filled with spam...that's a shame, never thought something like this would've happened to HAIF...
  10. Man...I remember taking the picture of them installing the crane base as if it were yesterday...time flies...
  11. Safety net is starting to go on the building. (Not sure what it's called, it's the same thing as what the Houston Club building had)
  12. I think that's where the LED's would be at. Maybe something like BHP Billiton's tower?
  13. I have a pretty reliable source and they're still changing the design of the building due to financial problems, same happened with Astoria, what you guys seen up there isn't official yet.
  14. Good height for a building in Midtown! That's taller than the Catalyst
  15. I saw this picture on the webcam and I just had to post it, very nice picture with the rain shaft over downtown and then the sunlight toward the med center. The reflection of this building is super nice as well. Amegy Bank HQ by Chris Rojas, on Flickr
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