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  1. When this first broke I told you it would never happen. A few said I was delusional, that UT was boss and what it wants, it gets. Well, how did that work out? And even now, you continue to miss the point. There was NO objection to UT having a "research facility" but when renderings were leaked disclosing athletic facilities and diverse campus facilities, the true motive for the site was obvious. What was objected to was UT intending degree programs already offered by another public university. That constituted a waste of taxpayer funds and the motive therefor could only be to dilute the streng
  2. You are in error. The school has long wanted a medical school. When the idea was finally facing fruition, the University considered all options, including the TMC. When it was decided that the focus would be on primary care for an underserved area, the TMC option was no longer viable. The school then proceeded with its business plan idea which had the side benefit of allowing the medical school to be near the main campus. Apparently you think that was a bad idea. What you are really saying is that you think having a medical school dedicated to primary care in a need location is a bad idea.
  3. The emphasis is on providing primary care to an underserved area. I don't believe the TMC could be viewed as underserved.
  4. “I think the governor is a reasonable person and astute enough to know you don’t put the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Oilers in the same stadium." lol Houston Oilers? Something tells me that with this guy making the case of why the relocation should not take place, that TMC gets a little bigger.
  5. That was my initial reaction too. Warped minds....lol
  6. Don't like it? Don't read it. I did like it. And I did read it.
  7. "Property rights don't preclude other peoples' right to criticize a property owner's decisions" You misconstrue. I'm not saying you can't complain. Complain all you want. But complaining about parking garages is pretty much identical to complaining about the weather. It's not going to change anything!
  8. " I think it's generally safe to say that way too much of Houston is dedicated to parking rather than an actual active use." Neither government, well at least cost-conscious government, nor business is going to the expense of providing parking that will not be used by its residents or customers. They decide the best use of assets belonging to them, not posters on this site. If anyone believes a parking lot, parking garage, etc, is an inefficient use of that land then buy that property and make a ton of money refitting that land to its proper calling. You make a fair po
  9. A whole lot of griping about garages, surface lots, anything to do with parking. I know someone who relocated to Chicago to go to law school. She has a car, but doesn't dare use it. Why? Because if she gives up that parking space, near her apartment, it's gone permanently. The infrequent time she uses her car is only when she can arrange to have a friend pull into the spot when she pulls out. Pick your poison.
  10. If I thought my surroundings were ugly I would move. But that's just me!
  11. Good grief. The Medical School will be built on the school's MAIN CAMPUS and not in Austin. UT can build all the research facilities it wants on its main campus. Get it? Not too hard to figure out.
  12. Yeah, let's have a political "feel good" moment and forget about all the jobs that Houstonians might otherwise have.
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