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  1. I walk by this building at Milam & Texas corner every morning on my way to work. The electricity appears to be off, and there is a large (running) generator situated outside the giant warehouse door truck entrance. Wonder what's going on?
  2. I believe this was CCA 9,10, 11, & 12 (plus food court, parking, etc.) back in the Compaq days. My office (for 9 yrs.) was in CCA10. I did QA/Test for new ProLiant server products there. -Gary K
  3. When we eat out in the Vintage Park area, we eat at: 1) Peli Peli (special occasions, not frequently) 2) Chipotle (good, affordable) 3) Smashburger Someday I (or we as in family) are going to try: Cheeburger Cheeburger, Which Which, Potbelly.
  4. I pass by the I-45/Louetta Cheddars frequently. Parking lot always looks full. -Gary K
  5. Drove by the site today, noticed something going on there. Tall grass was mowed, looks like some grading and "markers" (stakes) being set. Hope this = "good". -Gary K
  6. The chicken strips at Zaxby's remind me of the chicken strips at Raising Canes. -Gary K
  7. I am happy to see another restaurant opened up in the space that was previously occupied by On The Border. Its called Rico's Grill. Tried it and liked it. Its Mexican/Tex-Mex (?) Don't know exactly. -Gary K
  8. After opening, and closing (out of business), and re-opening, and re-closing ... Looks like the name was changed to Tokyo Buffet (I can't recall exactly). I hope they do better w/ the new name, and I hope the food is improved as well. I'll try it (again) and see if the food is the same as before, or revised. If its the same as before I don't think it will stay open, no matter what the name. -Gary K
  9. Can we add Finger Furniture to the list? I know the company basically switched from "Fingers" to "Ashley". The Fingers giant store on I-45 just south of downtown was built on the site of the "Buff" stadium. Inside Fingers was a sports memorabilia (museum) area, and the location of the home plate of the Buff baseball diamond. I hope the museum items went back to safekeeping.
  10. Yeh, that's what insurance is supposed to be for! Look at the revenue being lost by having the spindletop closed. -Gary K
  11. Why does a business go out of business? Not making any money, or losing money. -Gary K
  12. Dined at Peli Peli on Mothers Day. Basically had a chicken dish, and a beef dish. Food and service was very good. We enjoyed their live music. I also hope they stay around. -Gary K
  13. My theory is the "problem" may be making HD Gulfgate more money than the "solution". -Gary K
  14. Regarding the arches, am I understanding things correctly: 1) The Gulf Freeway did not yet exist. 2) The 3 routes from Downtown area to Southeast Houston (and Galveston) were: (Old) Galveston Highway, The "train"(?) whos tracks went to Galveston, and Winkler Dr. 3) Perhaps the developer of Meadowbrook built the arches on Howard to attract attention (to the new subdivision) of the passers-by traveling the 3 routes listed above? -Gary K
  15. Yes, I see! I had that thought, I went to grade school for 8 years across the street from Charleton Park. I can believe the Golf Course has always been "Glenbrook", I wonder why that name didn't make it to this map? I actually am more familiar with the Golf Course before the Sims straightening, I used to explore over there when I was a kid on a bicycle. I used to ride my bicycle through the Golf Course and cross the bayou (Meadowbrook to Park Place and vice-versa) to get to school. I recall that Glenbrook GC allowed cars to go through the GC. The bridge over the Sims was built to handle cars. Once the GC closed off car traffic (around 1965), they continued to allow pedestrians/bicycles to pass through and use that bridge. I think the map labeling (and spelling) is a little sloppy in places, but for me it is a facinating map to look at. It lets me see what the entire area where I grew up (Park Place, Meadowbrook, South East end) looked like before I arrived (was born) in '57. -Gary K
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