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  1. As of 9:00 am this morning I still have no power. My neighbors across the street never lost power and have been true neighbors and extended a cord last Sunday. Sometimes I plug in fridge, sometimes a fan, charge a phone, etc. I will be forever thankful. Centerpoint says we should have power by Thursday. Living in Oak Forest, the tree damage in our area is terrible. Neighbor 3 doors down had 2 HUGE pine trees crash through her house. She lives alone and taking the stress very well. Paid $7000 to have those trees removed. I worry about the structual soundness of her house now. I have been
  2. Yep, it is. It is not P.C., but it's true. Considering when these neighborhoods were built, it was not common for whites and blacks to live in the same neighborhood. And for what ever reason it has pretty much stayed segregated. None of the public schools in this area are good. Most kids go to Private schools if parents can afford.
  3. I have been hoping for a Chick-Fil-A..so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But we need a decent restaurant. The new bank is Wachovia. I like their building style, but we do not need ANOTHER bank in that block. Makes me think the banks making the BIG bucks these days. Next to Starbucks in Message Envy is going in...or at least their sign went in. With the current turn in economy I'm concerned about this shopping center. Tenants do not seem to be committing. The Starbucks does not seem to be busy enough. Even though I'm about to make a run for an Ice Tea myself. My latest gripe about Oak Fo
  4. Is this glass tile on the back splash? If so, can you share where it was purchased? I have not had lucking finding it in Houston. Thanks.
  5. I was wondering about this project as well. I just did a Google and did not find anything current... So...does any one have some info they can share?
  6. Contact these folks about street lighting... I'm sure for a price, anything is possible. http://www.mptech.biz/street.htm
  7. Thank you so much for your post. I never would have considered HD as I would have been afraid of what kind of contractor they would send. I guess you never know. Those look like the nice hinges, which is something I must replace as well. I got a kick out of your back splash because I have been looking at one similar (in copper) to save some costs until I can get the glass tile I really want. What kind of counter tops are those? How is that Black sink working for you?... I was looking at that as well. I do not want stainless... I'm all about black appliances. Thanks again!
  8. I am thrilled they are finally painting it. I got a real laugh out of your "creepy" comment. But it is creepy in a good way. The house is so wonderful that it deserves to be saved. As I recall, the front porch is going to need some major rotten wood replaced.
  9. I am interested by those Newspapers that Vertigo58 is showing. My father moved to the area in 1960 and took a job with the Galveston Newspaper. By the time Carla came, we were all living in Houston and he was working for the Houston Post. At least I thought it was the Houston Post.
  10. Hey everyone... I have been MIA. I have the "bug" to do some work in my kitchen, but money is limited. I have great cabinets that were custom built in the late 60's. And do not replace them. I originally thought of painting them, but I think I really want new doors and drawer fronts. Has anyone had their cabinets refaced? And what experience have you had. There is a company very close to where I live (Oak Forest) that I would probably use. They did my sisters house 15 years ago and she was happy, but she moved before we found out how they held up. A friend in another state recently had
  11. Thanks guys... I have noticed he has been on the phone a lot. We will discuss that when he tells me final price for today... So far... the test shows no leaks in any of the pipes..and my pressure is good. Today he is only caulking the shower fixture. I asked him to look at some other things "while he was here" so you know the bill is going up by the minute. The problem in the shower is definitely tile leaking... not good... There goes the tax return money... Can anyone recommend a tile person? Near the Heights area.
  12. I have one running tests to see what is wrong... there is some kind of leak in the shower area.. I am guessing I have to find out what exactly is wrong before I can bid by the job? Looks like I may need some tile work done as well... This guy charging $65 per hour to run these tests... sound fair?
  13. I need to hire a plumber... what is the going hourly rate for licensed master plumber these days?
  14. Hi everyone... I've been out of pocket again...but I heard the recent news about NW Mall...and thought I would drop by and see if anyone was talking about it.
  15. The Galleria Joskes was upscale...but they also had a bargain "basement" only it was on the top floor. My memories are from mid 70s I guess... My mom and I would spend hours in the bargain area finding the best deals. I have many memories from Joskes. One of the earlier was probably late 60s at the Northline Store... we went shopping for new curtains for my bedroom. I sweet talked my mom into some hand painted panels that cost $22 for each panel.. I needed 6.. which was a ton of money for us at the time. And then she still had to buy the drapes that went on top. That was me being spoile
  16. I think Jax Grill deserves another mention. I went there last weekend for the first time. It's not only Cajun food and the prices are Great..and the music was even better. And like PR Girl said...the diversity is something else. I had the fried shrimp with Baked Potato... cost was $10 and the shrimp was perfect. Other people in party I went with had a great looking chicken salad. Oh..and we had a Jack Sack for desert... Everyone should try one at least once in their life. Love this place and go back often.
  17. I noticed the homeless hanging out near the bayou a few weeks ago when I was in the area..and asked a friend of mine about them who grew up in Woodland Heights and parents still live there . They were not hanging out there in the early 80's when I lived over there. Anyway... I do not think these type people break into houses. I'm figuring they are too drunk and lazy to spend the energy it would take to break into a house and get out before getting caught. I bet it's kids... who someone has taught what they need to take to get quick money.
  18. I'm sure this feels like a personal invasion....as it has happened to me, more than once. The last time (a few years back) they came in through a bathroom window, and like you said, they knew exactly what they were looking for. They took my computer which is what got me the most upset, along with the TV's, Game System (I think it was Nintendo back then), all the movies, stereo equipment, and stuff like that. This is what I learned from that experience... If they want in..they are going to get in.... so be sure they can get out. Because I had dead bolt locks, the ripped my back door off.
  19. The Dutchman has been there forever. I'd say more neighborhood regulars there..but a pretty nice crowd. And like Musicman said...skater friendly... I went to a Halloween party there a few years ago that was really cool.... some art cars showed up. I've only been to the red one across the street once...seemed nice enough.. I think they sell hard liquor where the others are been and wine...and maybe set ups? I have not been to the one on the corner...old service station..then real estate office...but it sure looks nice and packs a crowd. Not sure if Jimmy's is still open (ice house)...but
  20. Do not know if the place will still be vacant in October... word is that it was recently sold. Prisclynn hints that perhaps caretakers are living on the premises. Prisclynn...thanks so much for the pics. I would still like to see it in person... but if I do not get the chance...at least now we have a better ideal of the treasures inside.
  21. I tried to read though all the posts to be sure this was not mentioned before...but I'm running out of time this morning...so here goes. There was a restaurant on NW Freeway (290) near where Black Eye Pea is now days... It was a pretty nice place... had these HUGE paper mache animals. The food was pretty good. I remember my mom and I use to go often. This would be mid to late 70's. Anyone remember the name of this place?
  22. I saw it last night. I'm not a huge Steve Carell fan, but he is really is funny. I am a huge Morgan Freeman fan, and he is marvelous. The story line is great. The whole family should go.
  23. Obviously your idea of middle class and mine are different. My mom never had a fur coat. We never had expensive cloths and new furniture...because that was considered thowing money away. But we had nice things and never did without things we needed.
  24. I love that this thread has been resurrected. As most know I tend to be nostalgic. I am surprised by the number of people on this site that shopped at Sakowitz. Maybe we were poorer than I thought. We did shop at Joskey
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