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  1. Yup same crew as roak plus the original owners of Rich's....The drinks are still crazy expensive when I went they were 13 dollars for a mixed drink! 7 dollars for a beer!
  2. Yes its only open Friday and Saturday night. The place looks insane from the inside. Pool expected to open within a month
  3. It's sad that its so short. Its unnoticeable in most views
  4. Know the owner, they are making 200k a month off this place. People are spending 20k on a table! Pool will be open in a month
  5. That se side looks awful, even the south side
  6. I'm sorry but what is slick about this buildimg? That theres a curve to the building? Sorry not trying to be rude but we in Houston have set our standards so low. This building looks like its from the 1970s
  7. If this ends up a shopping complex, we should have a major rally
  8. You pretty much listed everything lol. Hines has already stated they arent interested in a redevelopment.
  9. The location of this property is prime and is the best spot for a supertall imo. I just dont see them building a 70 story, nevertheless the tallest in the building. Imo the best we could get would be a 45 story with some sort of spire. I think it all depends on how well 609 does. If it becomes the next BG Group for Hines, then excellent.
  10. we really need a 2 story target. That would be awesome
  11. So you really see this being a 40+ office tower? Until we get zoning in place, companys would rather bulild multiple smaller towers across the city then building anything substantial. Might be another 30 yrs till we see a 70 story .
  12. With the new 609 main tower, capital tower having hard time getting commitments, also 6 allen center on hold, International tower on hold, how much demand is there left? Anyone else see this as a 37 story type of building in reality?
  13. Wish we had zoning! This is why downtown will never be as prosperous as it can.
  14. what? that are around the mcdonalds/grey hound isnt bad?!?! LOL if you go there during the evening time you see people shooting up meth in the mcdonalds parking lot ALL THE TIME. Thats the WORST area
  15. well on fridays and Saturdays the lightrail going from fannin up north stops running at 1:40 ... so what sense does it make if you take the light rail and cant even ride it back once it closes?
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