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  1. Oh I wow, for a moment there I thought I was crazy, but I'm having the same issue lol.
  2. ^I think the tower is supposed to go on the other half of the block if it ever comes to fruition (???) so I think it was only designed for the garage.
  3. Wow I just learned how to use the ignore feature. This is great :ph34r:

  4. ^ Ragin' Cajun was in a tunnel. What does a subterranean tunnel restaurant open for limited hours of the day, limited days of the week, and for a limited amount of people have to do with a light rail line? Idk. If anything its great they closed, maybe in the future they'll consider opening elsewhere in a more visible location that isn't closed after 6:30 pm. Oxheart closed but not because of some nonsense: "oh how lamentable Houston, closing fine restaurants due to a lack of competence in public transport" your trying to spin here. The owner is revamping the entire place into a new concept. Samurai Noodle is, like your presence on this forum, irrelevant. Roma Pizza is closed on Sunday, yet is open Thursday-Saturdays until 3AM. Why you didn't acknowledge that I don't know. You know what else is closed on Sunday? Chick-Fil-A, didn't see you complain about the Chick-Fil-A in Pennzoil Place being closed all the way from your homely Chicago. Its not always about electric trains and how they have swindled an entire city out of millions by advocating false assumptions and promises of bringing thousands of commuters and development into town. Maybe the employee's/management need a break from long late hours, maybe they need Jesus.
  5. Basically clothing etc. retail that doesn't have to do with food or hardware.
  6. It was constructed for the Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition (a.k.a. a giant State Fair) celebrating 100 years of Tennessee in the Union.
  7. Seeing all these lights sucks because I know that they're probably going to get rid of them as soon as the game is over.
  8. On a scale of Pre-Superbowl White Lighting<-----------> Continental Airlines Logo Era where does this impressive lighting lie?
  9. Kinda has a Citigroup Center look with the slope and the appearance of the grey part. Taking this (like every other proposal) not with grains, but pales of salt.
  10. I thought everyone called it HTX I always see everyone my age and below call it HTX.
  11. Could it be possible that they're trying to finish let's say about half the building before SB, stop while the SB is going on, and then finish another half after? Is stuff like that done?
  12. Wrong thread. I believe you're thinking about the Arabella (a.k.a. Dúmpsterella) which did have small (and trashy) tweak to it's design.
  13. If I recall correctly, isn't Kroger expanding in Houston. I think I read they were supposed to build new stores and renovate existing ones?
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