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  1. Yes, two new parking garages as part of the Fayez Sarofim campus: http://www.mfah.org/about/campus-redevelopment/#section-glassell-school-art Additional key elements • Two underground parking garages • Two new, dedicated tunnels between the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building to the Caroline Wiess Law Building, and the Glassell School of Art to the Kinder Building
  2. The progress on this has been crawling lately. I wonder if they are having issues.
  3. With the MFAH and Menil expansions, opening of the Midwown art and theater center, art loft expansions in the FIrst Ward, etc. - I'm very hopeful Houston can work its way to becoming an "art hub of the South". We definitely have a leg up already on other major cities in the South, but we're still leagues behind cities like New York where you can't even put us in the same category. Hopefully the gap narrows.
  4. From today's MFAH email blast: We welcome MFACafé, coming this fall! Paolo Fronza and Matteo Alessandri, formerly of Fellini Caffè, team up once again to bring an exciting new dining option to Houston. Their new, sophisticated café will offer Northern Italian-inspired fare when it opens this fall in the Museum's Audrey Jones Beck Building. In the meantime, freshly prepared sandwiches and salads are available at our temporary pop-up café now that Cafe Express service has ended. And as always, tasty bites continue to be served up daily by food trucks parked next to our Cullen Sculpture Garden.
  5. Does anyone have an estimate on the average daily rider / average daily ticket ratio?
  6. I'm thinking this will look much much better in person. The renderings are pretty basic.
  7. With parking spaces in this area of downtown at well over $200 / month, this is not surprising.
  8. http://eepurl.com/boDEd1 Details at the above link.
  9. The water had already started to subside. I think the bottom floor and some equipment got flooded.
  10. Awesome. The AT&T parking lot and those old offices across the street could be redeveloped into something substantial, making this a nice little urban pocket. The empty lot is reserved for a potential high rise. There's a link mentioning it further up in the thread.
  11. I also think the window color looks fine - let's all remember the Macy's that had no windows that was here before.
  12. Pg. 4 of this shows the bus platform that is currently under construction: http://ridemetro.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=5&clip_id=973&meta_id=14929 Sorry Triton - I was referring to the small section by the station.
  13. The transit station is going up quickly - they've been working away on this. The road widening has not started. Regarding the comment made earlier about "negligible residential amenities", there are tons of restaurants around here as well as a Fiesta store, Walgreens, etc. up on Quitman. The neighborhood just doesn't look like Montrose.
  14. Awesome, I love this little skinny building.
  15. Looking good. I really hope they do some pressure washing on that concrete.
  16. To address the discussion on the "renovation", I heard from an inside source that the original plan was to not completely gut the building, but due to the deterioration discovered once the process began, there was no other way to do it but to gut it. This is partly the reason the project has taken longer than expected to complete.
  17. They've been adding cladding to the back for a couple of days now. I'll try to get a picture later today.
  18. Once they clean up the landscaping and pressure wash the nasty concrete, this will look 100X better.
  19. This will not get shelved. Hines finished out BG Group place during the recession - they'll finish this out. This is my favorite project right now (until the MFAH expansion starts going up). I haven't had one since the JW Marriott was completed.
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