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  1. I never would have thought that the Sears sign would be destroyed. Kitschy stuff like that surely would have ended up in some restaurant like Joe's Crabshack or Twin Peaks...
  2. That might be the only hill in Houston! It's practically San Francisco's trolley cars!
  3. Does that one crooked support on the first level bother anyone as much as it does me??
  4. I have to give the developers credit for being "brave" in pushing their building so close to the edge of the street. It seems so out of character in a city like Houston that when you see it, it stands out as being something exceptional.
  5. I don't get much of a chance these days to head into town, so when I finally went yesterday to see this building in person, I was shocked to find it so much better in person than in the photos. The scale of the glass tubes in relation to the overall facade is much larger than it appears in the photos. The "horizontal seams" between each layer are much more pleasing to me as well. In the photos, something about them came off as inelegant, but this building is gorgeous!
  6. Off topic, but when we lived in Norway, we could not find a home for rent that had a bathtub. I was politely told by the agent that "Norwegians don't want to sit in a pool of their own filth!". So we bought a Chinese cedar tub off of Alibaba and filled it up using the shower head. Years later, it is now sitting in our yard here in Houston as a planter!
  7. This is definitely a building that looks better in person. I was lukewarm on the pics that made it look like a generic, suburban office building. But seeing it in person and it’s proximity to the street and general massing have made me a fan.
  8. This angle of downtown alway belies just how dense it really is. The location of the tallest towers at the northwestern edge obscure all the shorter buildings immediately behind them. It's amazing to me how different our downtown looks from the north, and south and east!
  9. That last photo of the drill made me think to ask the question--how deep is the bedrock layer here in the Houston area? I know we have a lot of clay , but I imagine drilling into the bedrock to build your supports can't be that deep. I have no doubt we have some first hand knowledge on this board.
  10. As of this writing, you have 4,705. With that level, you can recommend demolishing the Menil, Williams Tower, the BOA Center (heck, even a Whataburger) and receive polite discourse. I have 337. I can barely recommend demolishing a Citgo gas station...
  11. I have wanted to say that so badly, but thankfully you said it first and have more "reputation points" than me to deflect any bullets If you didn't know the significance of the building and the fact it is owned by the same people behind the high-rise, a passerby would immediately think some old lady refused to sell her home and stuck it to the developer, a la the old man in "Up".
  12. @rgarza, are those lights: 1) "windows" through the concrete wall? 2) light panels behind the glass tubes? 3) or do I have it all wrong and these are lights external to the glass and are actually shining on the outside?
  13. I don't get down to downtown very much, but damn--I didn't realize that the Preston and Texas Tower were right next to one another...I thought they were a block or two apart. It's so exciting to see this much density in new construction!
  14. Retrofit vs. tear down and build new... Unlike Sears, I don't see the Fiesta as an historically or architecturally significant structure. I hope it is more than just a paint job and build-out of the interior. Also, that parking lot?
  15. I say this as an Aggie, but this building's design is about as underwhelming as any building built at the main College Station A&M campus the last two decades. I don't know if this is a problem of "government buildings" where pressures to keep costs down trump any sort of architectural statement a private company may be motivated to make. At least it improves on what was there...
  16. For a brief moment, I envisioned those lighting panels as a giant LED screen, broadcasting Coca Cola advertisements or other such crap to create our own "Times Square"...
  17. This is probably the best parking garage concealment/decoration I've seen on the new round of developments. Randall Davis could learn a thing or two!
  18. Ah, you're right! I didn't catch that they were at the same Kipling address (kinda obvious in retrospect). Makes sense to move it into the building and then demolish the old one!
  19. Nah, it is $300K to renovate the interior. If anything, this looks to cement it's place in the neighborhood for the next few years
  20. For the laymen around here (me), by curtain wall, are you referring to the below-ground walls that are put up once the foundation has been excavated, or is that something else?
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