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  1. Spotted this beauty in today's Pixel 6 Launch video... https://pixelevent.withgoogle.com/
  2. Definitely not a change "in the air", but its a refreshing change nonetheless. Has there been any discussion about BerryHill staying or relocating? The article does not mention them. Hopefully Post Oak Shopping Center, just to the south of this Plaza, will give the mid/high rises we hoped for.
  3. There is a May 2015 satellite imagery update on Google Earth for most of the Houston area (adjust the timeline to select 5/15). However there is alot of cloud coverage and its pretty dark. Its not quite the image quality we're used to seeing from Google. There is also a "coming soon" layer on the left hinting at something yet to come, and the blog at the link below indicates that this Sunday (6/28) is Google Earth's 10th anniversary. Hopefully something "Earth"-Shattering will be released??? http://www.gearthblog.com/blog/archives/2015/06/new-google-earth-layers-coming-soon.html Edit: This imagery is from May 27, 2015, approximately a day and half after the heavy rain/flooding on Memorial Day. You can slide the timeline one notch to the left to view March 2015 imagery for the eastern half of the metro area (approximately from the Med center to the Bay). This imagery is alot clearer.
  4. Looks like most of the satellite imagery of the area on the west side has reverted back to atleast 2 years ago (Palladium barely has a foundation poured). I hope this means Google is working on rolling out an update.... Edit: my statement above applies to the Google Maps website. The Android app still shows the same imagery from last year.
  5. Link: http://www.fortbendstar.com/2014/06/04/t-i-property-redevelopment-unveiled/ The search page shows a date of June 2014 so I don't know how accurate this is.
  6. The latest Chase App login screen has a shot of Houston. Seems to be a bridge crossing Buffalo Bayou. I'm not sure if I got this image because I am in the Houston area of if it is for everybody who uses the app.
  7. 610 north for a short time to 610 east to 610 south to 610 west to 288 also works
  8. Mason opened between FM359 and 99. This article states that northward expansion to Beechnut will happen with 5 years. http://m.fbherald.com/article_3729edd7-9840-523a-b266-5c3feeaad6f0.html?mode=jqm
  9. Southwest Fwy is also titled Lloyd Bensten highway. I'm not sure how long this has been the case but I recently noticed brown signs indicating this designation. Personally I'm not a fan of naming highways after people because the name is arbitrary to the direction. In a huge fan of naming based of direction or major city/town in the path (I.e. Katy). Naming after senators and the like seems very chicagoish
  10. I believe it will be named Aggie Expressway once after upcoming expansions.
  11. That's a different development. Looks like BW8 northbound feeder between Westpark and Richmond.
  12. There is a foundation poured in the lot next to my office that has been sitting idle for over 5 years. I assume its a hotel. Over the past few months and especially past few weeks work has started to progress. Here is a picture from earlier today. Any idea which hotel this will be? Southeast corner of Harwin and Rogerdale on the southbound feeder for BW8.
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