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  1. How about we make this thread longer and have a contest for pictures of the progress on HP?
  2. I think he is talking about the intersection below: The Map is from Google Earth I just cant believe that the Katy area has 3 super Wal-Marts now... WOW
  3. From the Chronicle By NANCY SARNOFF Switch to medical tower A developer who had planned to build an upscale residential tower near the Museum District and the Medical Center has changed course. Instead of selling places to live, he now wants to sell places to work. Peter Sareyani, a New York developer who owns almost an acre on Binz between Austin and LaBranch, said he plans to build a medical tower where doctors can buy office space as well as share in the profits of a surgical center. The building will also include hotel-type suites for recovering patients. The 2,500-square-foot office will cost about $750,000. Before the building breaks ground, about 30 doctors must commit to buying space there. So far, Sareyani said he has about 18 nailed down. And he's still negotiating with a group to manage the property and its medical operations. Ziegler Cooper Architects has designed the building, which could have 12 to 14 stories, with the top levels used for upscale recovery suites. Sareyani envisions the facility catering primarily to plastic and orthopedic surgeons. He said there's a demand for space where patients can see their doctors, undergo minor surgery and recover all in one facility. "I think it will shorten time for everyone and be more profitable for the doctor," said Sareyani, president of Binz Medcorp.
  4. Yes I messed up on the date thank you...but yeah I bought the camera in Japan you can't buy it here yet. Sorry . It takes pictures 24 hours in the future... Oh and WELCOME to page:
  5. Does any one know why they dug up the asphalt on the corner of the lot on the block of San Jacinto St and Polk St? They started on that right after they announced that the Pavilions was going to be built I would have gotten a picture of the crew but every time I was downtown I did not have my camera with me this is what it looked like on June 10th.
  6. Always the voice of reason and full of knowledge THANK you largeTEXAS
  7. I wounder after this gets built which location will get more business from the tenants at this building the Park Shops next door to the building or the Pavilions?
  8. I was looking in this sundays paper and I saw this in the "WHAT'S THAT?"section: Houston Chronicle 05/21/2006 What: Ten West Corporate Center II, an office building in Wolff Cos.' Park 10 Regional Business Center Address: 17404 Katy Freeway Developer: Opus West Size: 250,000 square feet; five stories Architect: Opus Architects & Engineers General contractor: Opus West Construction Corp. Completion date: First quarter of next year Tenant: Mustang Engineering, an international engineering services company, will occupy 200,000 square feet. Thank you! I had to type all that up LOL
  9. I think if downtown gets a large bookstore like that it will be some time after they build the new apartment high-rise on the plans and I also think it would make sense to build it next to the Spaghetti Warehouse to catch the university of Houston downtown crowd DJ that sounds like a fun game but I don't drink did y'all see the finally last night I cant wait until next season Jan 7, 07
  10. when are they going to start work on the plaza? that parking lot is an eyesore now! and does anyone know if it will be level ground or if it will follow the current grade?
  11. y'all need a chill pill! And I agree this thread needs to be deleted editor
  12. Pearland Town Center: Will be at the South West Corner of Hwy 288 & FM 518
  13. welcome to page Is this better? Houstonian in Iraq
  14. Darn you beat me to the punchline. Oh well welcome all to page
  15. I drive by the area about four times a week. they are working on some thing they are digging I don't know if it is the construction crew or the city preparing the land
  16. But they are currently working on something on the land in question. I would belive if this is not a groundbreaking then the city is getting the area ready to be worked on?
  17. Intresting so what we thought was going up was never going to happen but we still got somthing cool like this. nice! are we on page 23 yet?
  18. This project was supposed to b seven blocks before it was scaled down. If you visit and read the description of the project on the website for the architect firm that designed the project it is discribed as a much larger development.
  19. So, I think I will be taking pictures of the project as it progresses . Should I post them on here or should I start a new topic under Houston photos?
  20. Why do you think that
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