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  1. Someone did a video of the purple line.
  2. Spacecityroller

    Culberson and METRO reach compromise

    Your right, but the issue is the rail line that crosses Richmond right there. It would require a grade separation for the light rail, either a bridge or an underpass. I think they could make a bridge look nice.
  3. Spacecityroller

    Culberson and METRO reach compromise

    Thats backwards Metro bought the row and then sold the portion used for the toll road later. In 2014 they sold even more of the row to the FB toll road authority.
  4. Spacecityroller

    Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    I found this article.
  5. Spacecityroller

    7005 Beechnut

    The farthest back I can remember, it use to be a Sam's club. Then later turned into a walmart. It had a taco bell and kfc in front of it at the corner.
  6. Spacecityroller

    The Boulevard Project

    I agree, if richmond and uptown never get built then go full bore a subway from like Voss & Westheimer to DT with stops at chimneyrock, galleria, weslayan. Then curves NE with a stop at Shepard and Grey, then w dallas & waugh and then allen pkwy and montrose then memorial and houston finally in DT at Capital & Main. 9 miles about I would guess 450mil/mile so 4.05 billion. Slightly lower construction cost in Hou.
  7. Spacecityroller

    New Football Stadium at UH

    Saw this new drone flyover. Looks sharp.
  8. Spacecityroller

    Development List for Buildings in Houston - March, 2014

    Awesome, thanks so much!
  9. Spacecityroller

    The Metro North Rail Line

    Its a for profit venture so the market or a study of the market will decide weather or not its worth the extra expense. I'm sure they will study every possible way they can make a profit on the HSR line.
  10. Spacecityroller

    The Metro North Rail Line

    Your right. But they could add a 3rd track at each of those stations and have a local airport run with a smaller train set. The headways are 30 min after all. Heck add another stop near the Woodlands and erect a giant parking garage with another station with 3 sets of tracks there also for a local commuter/airport run. That sounds like alot of people would use that.
  11. Spacecityroller

    The Metro North Rail Line

    IAH is a long way from the CBD. This group is planning HSR from DFW to Houston. Here is a link to the recent story about the group (TexasCentralHSR). This group stated they plan on mainly using existing freight line ROW. And they have private financing, not government financing. My guess is it will be elevated within the major population centers. The reason why I bring this up here is why not have the Houston terminus for this HSR line be at the burnett transit center and have a stop near IAH with shuttle busses between that stop and the airport. Here is an illustration showing what I mean. How does that sound? The red line I drew was along existing freight ROW and the section within 610 is also along the portion of land they plan on using to extend the Hardy Toll Road into downtown.
  12. Spacecityroller

    Ted Poe vs. John Culberson

    Ted Poe said that the money is allocated for transportation. I have no doubt that this money will be spent for some transportation project. It won't be saved, used to pay down the debt, or just cut. So the question is do we take the money that they have allocated for this project, or do we not and it be sent to a transportation project in another city/state.
  13. Spacecityroller

    Ted Poe vs. John Culberson

    I agree, they should either have the rail go under or over Shepard and Greenbriar. Maybe similar to what they have in the medcenter intersections of Main/Holcomb and Holcomb/Fannin.
  14. Spacecityroller

    The Metro North Rail Line

    Here is a pic they posted on
  15. Spacecityroller

    What is your ideal transit plan for Houston?

    This is the most cost efficient route. I like the idea of submerging the line once it gets near Hobby.