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  1. There use to be a place that sold dirt bikes and atvs on south Post Oak between West Bellfort and Willowbend in the 80s I think in the early 90s the place caught on fire and was never reopened. Sorry I do not have any more info on this place maybe someone else does. There is a place on Long drive 2 or 3 blks east of Wayside that is a Motorcycle salvage yard that is the only info I have.
  2. Phat Beats Radio a internet radio station playing Rap Hiphop R&B Soul Funk Reggae Chillhop Acid Jazz from the 1970s to early 2000s. Starting tomorrow the station will be playing short Houston weather forecasts at 5am 8am 12pm 2:30pm 5pm and 10pm http://phatbeatsradio.tumblr.com check out the station.
  3. This neighborhood has been cleaned up the all the trees have been removed here is more info http://swamplot.com/earthman-cemeterys-new-neighbor-a-neighborhood-sized-hole-by-greens-bayou/2017-02-15/
  4. I started a forum for anybody that lives in Texas that collects records everyone is welcome to join. http://texasrecordcollector.x10host.com/index.php
  5. Bumping this thread to see if anybody else knows of any other abandoned neighborhoods
  6. Strip shopping center on Willowbend just east of the rail roads tracks was torn down at the end of last summer town homes will be built in its place. Strip center next to Auto Zone West Bellfort and Chimneyt Rock was torn down early last yr a fitness center will be built in its place I do not know how they have enough room for the building and the parking lot.
  7. There is one at South Poak close to West Bellfort this one was remodeled like 2 1/5 yrs ago Another at Almeda and South MacGregor
  8. Looks like Halloween will be rained out if it does rain all day staurday just move trick or treating to sunday night
  9. Asian strip center 90 and the beltway right on the edge of Houston and Mo city limits. They built like 40% to 60% of the strip center sat vacint and unfinished for like 6 to 8 yrs then they tore it down this was in the mid 90s by like 2005 to 2008 it was torn down.
  10. Tiger direct on I10 do not think it was open 2 full yrs
  11. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.7499506,-95.4951428,3a,75y,279.63h,82.11t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stQqmpykvZMF5cHOSkehdlA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Facing west
  12. I remember this place I want to say there one near sharpstown mall
  13. Please list locations of any size old antenna towers that are not being used any more.
  14. Anybody know of a place in the Houston area that has a Imax 2000 cb base antenna??
  15. I am just seeing if anybody else on this forum is into cb radio??
  16. I am looking for a good working Cobra 2000 GTL with variable power I do not need a external speaker or a microphone. I will trade these items from the Cobra Base CB Radio Pioneer CLD-S104 laser disc player great condition does not have a remote 75 to 80 laser disc here are a few of the movies Terminator 1 & 2 Braveheart Goodfellas Pulp Fiction Jaws Jurassic Park Die Hard 1 & 2 The Godfather 1 & 2 Easy Rider Jackie Brown Last Action Hero Rain Man Casino Used Cars Close Encounters Of The Third Kida And 40 to 50 cassettes from the 80s and 90s Rock R&B Rap about 10 to 15 are signals rest are albums Or Canon SX230HS works fine just a few scratches with org box GE DV1 pocket video camera works fine just a few scratches 8gb and 16gb sd cards You get to pick set 1 or 2 for a trade I might do mix and match depending on what you have to trade To do a trade item must be located inside beltway for more info hit me up AIM DJboutit5 or Skype DJboutit
  17. I started a forum that is like freecycle called Southwest And Central Houston Free Sharing check out the forum to see if you zip code is allowed on the forum read the rules thread in the general chat section to see if your zip code is listed. Everyone is welcome to join http://swchoustonfreeshare.proboards.com/
  18. There use to be one like 12 to 15 yrs ago North Brasewood and Chimeny Rock now it is a El Ranchero they have great mexican food
  19. If you only mad 4 or 5 post a week that would be just fine
  20. I know there are a few people on this forum that lives in this area please considoring joing the forum
  21. I just started a forum for anybody that live in the zip codes in south west Houston to chat about the area 77096 77035 77085 77045 77071 77074 77025 in this area is welcome to join http://southwesthouston.6srv.com/mybb/index.php The reason I started this forum is Nextdoor.com for my area sucks to many lost animal post any to many people that vent to much over dumb stuff. I can not take that bs any more
  22. Wyatt's South Post Oak and West Bellfort closed like 15 to 18 yrs ago I remember going there about 7 to 10 time there was another one that was at OST and Griggs that closed like 2 to 4 yrs ago
  23. The lady that left Annies opend Cues 1993 to 1995 South Post Oak & MC Dermed right next to the Chinese Buffet across the freeway from Whataburger and Kroger. Cues has much better food than Annies which has gone down hill in the last 5 to 7 yrs
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