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  1. They used the cubs game as an excuse to scout out if they wanna move here, that way they wont catch any grief from there peers
  2. I liked the initial renderings. Was unsure of the in progress change in directions. But, all said, I like how the building turned out. Its an interesting building. If I was looking to get a place in a highrise, I would get excited seeing this building.
  3. I lived near Briarbend park (near intersection of Westhiemer and Voss) a couple years ago, and it wasn't unusual for the water to be extremely clear, like drinking water clear, right there. Usually when it hadn't rained for awhile and wasn't raging from runoff.
  4. Im excited for this theme park. The original renderings left something to be desired, but the more recent ones look good. Looks fun. I like the scale. But them again im not into the biggest and craziest, my blood pressure cant handle it. lol.
  5. I actually like this building. Its a nice addition. I also like when buildings in an area have something similar about them, such as the "monkey wrench". Its distinctive, which may seem counterintuitive.
  6. I really like the rendering for this building. Im usually not much a fan of the dark brick it shows, but i like its contrast with the other materials in the rendering.
  7. I really think they are quite different. The one in Chicago reminds me of a well lived worm. The one here in Houston is more elegant. I like them both.
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