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    Now THIS is what I'm talking about! This is awesome, mid-rise apartments, built up to the sidewalk east coast style, with ground level retail included to keep the flow going from the retail that starts at the Post, making almost the entire stretch of gray st walkable from bagby to taft, NICE!
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    some more details 188 Units 5000 sq ft of street level amenities (fitness center, etc) 6,578 sq ft of ROB Looks like 6 full stories with 1 full story of extra facade to cover the mechanical equipment... looks like 7 stories will be coming to West Gray
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    Recent finds: Dr. Carlos Slaughter house - 3 Cleveland Court, Sugarland,TX. Have drawings for this one. S.C. Adams House - 11400 Memorial Drive. Built 1952. Guessing the roof and paint aren't original. 312 W Friar Tuck - Houston,TX. Not sure of the original client. Very well maintained and elegant house. There are probably going to be a lot more discoveries in the coming weeks. I'm also digitizing Wylie's address list to make it easier to search. Nine pages left...
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    Was worked on Thursday at noon. So, about three days old.
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    The McDonalds is officially closed. If you need a burger in the north Post Oak area... God help you. You will have to schlep down to the Jack in the Box on San Felipe. Wah waaaah.
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    I'm probably going to be telling my age here, but I myself remember a lot of those old C/W Clubs. I was the original manager of a club on old Hempstead Hwy. called The Crystal Chandelier Dancehall and Saloon. We had many of the old C/W stars perform there (Kelly Schoppa, The Texas Heartbreakers, John Anderson, Lee Greenwood, John Wesley Ryles, Johnny Rodriquez, Mundo Earwood, Charley Pride and many, many more) We were open at the same time as Cotton Eye Joe's on Gessner and the original Wild West on the corner of Long Point and Gessner. There was also a club on Kuykendahl named The Grand Finale and the manager there Donnie Wayne was a very good friend of mine. I frequented many of those old clubs back in the day. I also worked at Fools' Gold on Westheimer after they moved out past Dairy Ashford. The old club that someone was referring to about having to take your hat off was Tin Hall in Cypress. They recently started having live music there again at least once a month. My most memorable story from being in the business was I think in December of 1980, I was doing business with a booking agent named Jay Collier, and he called me one day to tell me that there was someone that I really needed to go listen to. Jay said that this guy is a singing cowboy, he said he will be participating in a rodeo at Simonton and after the rodeo he will go on stage and perform. Well, I went and Lo and Behold this singing cowboy was George Strait. He had a rope burn on his hand after participating in the team roping event and he only performed a couple of songs. One of them being "Amarillo By Morning" and since I had Kelly Schoppa at my club (Crystal Chandelier) quite often I was very familiar with the song. I spoke with George and one of his managers after the performance and decided that since he wasn't that well known in the HOuston area, it probably wasn't a very good business decision to hire him. So I didn't. And man what a bad decision that turned out to be. Just 3 months later he was called in to replace Eddie Rabbit at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the rest is History.
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    There used to be a hamburger joint named "Luke's" at the corner of Willowbend and Post Oak. Vastly better than Burger King down the street. Further to the east on Willowbend, near railroad tracks, was a barbecue place who's name escapes me. I still remember the smell of smoke had permeated the walls after years of operating the indoor pit.
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    That building that may or may not have been a PoFolks was definitely also a Bonanza at one time (S Post Oak between Willowbend and W Belfort). As a kid I remember crawling around inside the closed structure and it being pitch dark and dangerous - pretty sure it was before the Yamaha dealer went up in flames. Not sure if Bonanza came first or PoFolks, but I don't remember PoFolks being there very long. Across from the now CC's Pizza, which was a DQ and prior to that a Burger King. I just checked the map - Hunter's Pub is still there? Wow.
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    Happened to be running down the feeder on 225 at Independence Thursday and made a quick stop and shoot with my iPhone. G's has seen better days to be certain. Debbi's was where the engineering staff went on the East end of the building They had a/c and mixed drinks.
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    There were two ice houses on Hwy 225 and Battleground Rd (now Independence). On the East side of that intersection was the Breezeway, on the West side was G's Ice House (think Sherwood Cryer of Gilley's fame). Additionally, at the entrance to the San Jacinto Monument on Battleground you have Beesaws which is the only one of the three still open.
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    I quit the club scene around 80 so Stabler's came after that I'm sure, I never even went to MO & Joes or Roy Head's Club, although I lived on the North side. I guess we just get older and change, so I left Houston in 82 and only came back for a couple years. When I first got out of the Army I spent a lot of time downtown and everyone kept dropping the name of the Stampede Club, that was the happening club in 1970, never did even see the place. I can remember Jensen Drive as a kid and there were what were called ice houses in the 50's, every block on Jensen had an ice house or two, the name ice house was simply because even in the fifties Houston still had a functioning ice house at the edge of downtown and all the businesses or ice houses did not use refrigeration but bought ice everyday or every other day. They all had these aluminum bend over reach in ice boxes and they iced the beer and sodas down, you won't ever find a beer as cold as one that has been in the ice for several days. These people were very creative too, I remember one place that had a garage roll up door and you just lifted the door and the bar and stools were sitting there, they all threw out the bottle caps into the parking lot area to fill holes and dips. The one thing I remember most sitting there as a kid with family was the Oder of fresh saw dust, yep they always threw down fresh saw dust on the floors, a nice cool fan overhead and a big Jukebox, life was grand until the law makers all destroyed it.
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    Yes, why would this be a bad place to live? We need details.
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