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Hempstead Truck Stop Closed

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IronTiger    744

Driving down to Houston yesterday I noticed that the truck stop in Hempstead (recognizable by a large Exxon/McDonald's sign) had completely closed, with the McDonald's sign only remaining (the McDonald's is actually next to it). From my observations:

- The canopy had removed all Exxon branding and even appeared to be falling apart

- It once had a Denny's inside; earlier this year it had been converted to a "Country Delight Cafe"

- Sometime in late 2015 or early 2016 a Subway was added to the end, I remember it being perhaps the first Subway I've seen opened post-Jared

- Today, the gas station is boarded up entirely (looks like Country Delight is also gone) with Subway still open inside.

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slash    3

My understanding is they did not pay their liquor license and couldn't keep up with the lease payments.  One thing leads to another and Exxon shuts the place down.  I believe Exxon is still interested in someone to lease the location.


Denny's tried to shrink the menu with just the basics but couldn't generate enough revenue.


I don't have facts beyond that on the Exxon, but locals that I know have often talked about questionable sells practices, expired goods, improper temperature controls, pump equipment problems, and I speak from experience that it was one of the dirtiest places I have ever been in.

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