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  1. Does anyone have any updated info on the old Chinese Star building? They were kicked out at the end of last fall semester, and there was a big deal in the DC about students having an option on what replaces it, but I haven't seen/heard anything since then.
  2. 'vintage chain link' hahahaha
  3. That curtain wall entry way thing into the outdoor food court is aesthetically neat, however, it's facing northeast so it will do nothing real. it would be better served to have a wall on the southwest corner to create a little shade from the hot summer sun. I guess they have trees for that, and it'll probably be more of an after the sun goes down type of place anyway.
  4. I need a rolling deck to play shuffleboard (this kind). Maybe they figured that and the installation of hydraulics to simulate a rocking ocean liner would be too great? They should consider going the seedy bar route and install some bar style shuffleboard tables.
  5. I'm imagining the teenagers looked like this:
  6. Having traveled to Europe on many occasions that using boulders to try and protect property has been happening for centuries. if you look at the image here:,10.18004,3a,90y,306.94h,74.79t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1s-mG4rlIaE6eE%2FVcN1h7wvCSI%2FAAAAAAAAEZA%2FPw06jjyGy50fmcIqmqkwFNpEikoFCqOIgCJkC!2e4!3e11!!7i8312!8i4156 above is from the inner core of one of the medieval towns that still remains intact in Germany, Rothenburg You notice on the bottom corner of every building in the picture linked there is a boulder sticking out from the building into the street, these were specifically introduced to keep carts from hitting the buildings when they were turning corners all the way back in the medieval period. Today they do they same thing for cars in this very city. So these property managers don't do it to stop trucks (any vehicle really) from hopping the curb, they do it because it helps to protect their property, and it has worked (literally) for centuries. Pay once for a landscaper to put a boulder in place that doesn't move when hit by a truck, or pay multiple times to have a landscaper keep bringing fill dirt to fix the ruts in your land. It also provides a visual marker to the truck driver that they don't want to cross. The trick is you just need a big enough boulder (as someone else said), or maybe you can get part of an old telephone pole, sink it 4 or 5 feet into the ground with 3 or 4 feet above ground, that thing isn't going to move for anything.
  7. You guys poached all the good egg puns already.
  8. As you say, the fences have real purpose in life, pedestrian safety (especially drunk fans stumbling over to popeyes for some after game snacks) being tops of the list. The intention surely wasn't to create a feeling of 'stay out', but I was driving north on Scott on Saturday morning and with all that fencing, it sure didn't feel inviting looking to the right. It's interesting for sure the different things people see when they are looking at the same place.
  9. Scott is going to change, all of 3rd ward (especially around UH) is going to change. I can't agree with your current sentiment about Scott street though... Between Wheeler and Holman there's 5' chain link on both sides of the rail, and then there's a sea of parking lot on the UH side. The sea of parking isn't exactly urban, and the fence plus parking sends a pretty clear message of "stay on your side of the street". Between Holman and Elgin it's a constant 8' wall. That definitely sends an even stronger message of "Stay out" to anyone looking across the street. It isn't a good look. I get it, one is the outfield of the baseball field, the other is the wall to keep prying eyes off the practice field. It doesn't change the feel. Maybe you were thinking of Berlin when you were thinking of the Urban feel the street creates? I will agree, once you get on the other side of Elgin going north on Scott, the whole area feels ripe for change, and with the student apartments going up on the NE corner of Scott/Elgin that replace that strip center, it really changes the feel of the area. you know, thinking about it, it would be awesome if the art department worked with some of the local artists to put murals on the more permanent outfield wall that faces Scott, that might help make it feel less unfriendly.
  10. ha, yeah, I know, I was joking, should have put a smiley or something. I was trying to play at the number of poke restaurants that seem to have materialized over night with how quickly the game seemed to take off. I'm waiting patiently for one of them to call themselves the poke stop. The game is still played, I read a headline last week that they just rolled out the biggest update ever, didn't bother to read the article though.
  11. went there a few Fridays ago. Not a lot of people drinking, but some use on the fields. It's an interesting concept, just a lot of space used for this thing that I don't know that just beer and wine covers. I hope they are setting up leagues with dues to help cover costs. Hope it works, it's a place I'd go back to.
  12. There's a really cool documentary on netflix, or amazon (unsure which) about the new crosstown line.
  13. This was posted a year ago, so I assume it was the game, but this was posted a year ago, so it might still be the trendy new restaurant theme?
  14. Generally though, when one of the most valuable companies announces they are partnering/buying/mergering with another company, it's pretty much a guarantee, and shareholders can feel safe that their stock prices aren't going to drop in value. You're right though, there are some pretty good examples of these things falling through at the last minute, usually pushed by outside forces. I absolutely like the idea of an Amazon locker though, that would be awesome!