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  1. hahaha, no worries, I just thought the response was appropriately funny
  2. It's........ Townhomes!!!
  3. street level parking lot.
  4. right, but if Westpark (listed as a "Long-Term Houston Bikeway Vision) is rebuilt, it's all well and good that it is listed by the Houston bike plan to have an off street path added for cyclists, but if the money isn't there it won't be done. If you go here (it has the city seal, so it should be an official COH site): it has a link to learn more about the Houston bike plan: I don't want to say that the site is nothing, but it's nothing. like literally. so the question is, where does money come from? The words plan and vision are both very mobile words, and if in my example above, westpark does get rebuilt, unless there is funding, the plan and vision will change to not have that incorporated as part of the network. Not to be all bleak, because Obama signed into law in 2015 the FAST act which, if I understood it right, it was considered to be a 'complete streets' kind of deal that would make federal funds available for state and local projects that included added safety for peds and bikes.
  5. Outside of barriers being moved around the sidewalks and streets, this site has been silent all week, and today there's lots of activity. People everywhere and there are crane pieces everywhere, and flatbeds with more crane pieces. They're definitely adding another crane to the scene.
  6. Welcome to the forum. I think the area is ready for more coffee as well, but I also think that whoever opens it is going to want to bake in expected loss to their business model. Either way, I'm not holding my breath waiting for rumors that I've been hearing for almost 10 years now to turn into reality. That is high, but having lived right across the street from one of the places they updated, they do solid work, so you're going to get quality.
  7. sidewalk on capitol has barriers on it now too. I guess it will be closed entirely soon. guess that Mural is going away?
  8. It passed earlier today.
  9. worst update ever
  10. the crane boom doesn't look like it's long enough to reach where the other cranes would go to be able to install them. That's just my guess from looking out the window at the crane, and where the other cranes will go.
  11. Heh, that article isn't quite panning out. There are some interesting things that Bob Lutz is either really blind to, or willfully ignoring because there's no reason to do it that way. When I read this, I read someone asking this question 20 years ago: "Who wants to buy a book on Amazon and wait for delivery when they can buy it at Borders Book Store right now?" Bob Lutz either has no imagination to see anything beyond the current model, or has some friends at dealerships that he wants to make happy by saying that a direct model doesn't work. The one and only reason that direct sales don't work in the USA is because dealerships lobby so hard to keep their hooks in the forced distributor model. Literally, state laws (in many cases) prohibit direct sales of automobiles. The people and companies that make money owning dealerships are not going to relinquish those easily, so they lobby against anything that might show customers a different way that is better and easier.
  12. You can. You buy a car that's on the dealer lot out of convenience, and a lot of times you can get the car on the lot for cheaper than you would get if you order to your spec. So you go into a dealership and tell them you want a car spec'd a very specific way. They check their inventory, then they check the dealer network inventory. Then they order you a specific vehicle. If it's on another dealer, expect a week or two turnaround. If it's going to be ordered from the factory, you can't really put a timeline other than 1 - 3 months. Some car manufacturers produce in batches. So if you order a car with a sunroof, but they aren't building that spec, well, you'll have to wait for them to finish whatever they're currently building. The only time you can accurately put a timeline on a factory ordered car is when the VIN number is published. Of course, if it's an import, then there may be some time in customs, but that's probably just a few days, but you can never be sure. Some manufacturers have more updated techniques that allow them to make a car with a sunroof at the same time as one without, but most are still not at that level yet. Anyway, this is why people generally don't factory order a car, they don't want to wait up to 3 months to get a new car, and the dealership wants the money right now, so they'll deal a lot more freely with the cars on the lot.
  13. being a person that doesn't drink soft drinks I am hyper-sensitive to seeing empty soda bottles and cans everywhere. I also don't drink energy drinks, so again, I am hyper-sensitive to seeing empty energy drink bottles. I'd be happy to take pictures of this specific litter on our streets, and next to trash cans everywhere. I get it, smoking is a nasty habit. I think current stats are that less than 15% of Americans do it (and the numbers are dropping). Both of these things highlight cigarette butts littering the ground, but singling out a specific subset of people that litter over another is silly. Anyone that liters is disgusting and needs to have fines levied the first few offenses, and then they need to do a few hours of community service picking up litter for future offenses. I'm all for highlighting that smokers have always and continue to just toss their butts anywhere and that it's not cool, and as far as an art project, someone should collect and glue cigarette butts to a car for the art car parade. That would be stinky, but cool. While I do believe that cigarette butt pollution is disgusting to look at, plastic pollution is way more harmful to the environment, and our food chain, since plastics end up being eaten by all sorts of things we eat, we essentially end up eating plastic. I'm not aware of animals that eat cigarette butts. So as a type of litter to be affronted by, you should probably focus on plastics (styrofoam too!) above all other forms of litter. (former smoker, I can't say I never threw out a butt, but I can say if there was an ashtray available, I used it)
  14. Setbacks aren't the problem, and actually, if the space wasn't used for parking, it would be great for green/walkability/patio space. It's a requirement to have parking, and a requirement to have setback, so rather than 'waste' the space up front setting it back from the road with 'nothing' in the area, it's parking. The city missed by not requiring that a larger portion of the setback be used for sidewalk (and that sidewalk might be shared with trees, or patio space, or some other use that encourages pedestrians). The city missed by not requiring that parking be in the rear.
  15. correct, if you look at the rendering quoted, this is looking south down st emanuel. assuming the 45 realignment happens, everything on the right will be freeway.