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  1. "Why Houston Sucks"

    Just in case he isn't here to respond... The weather is still hot humid for 3 months (July - September) The weather still doesn't get as cold for the other 9 months of the year as everywhere else. The Menil is still free (going through an expansion right now though). Galveston island is still an hour away, and the water is still brown because of silt from rivers. More people are aware of Houston's foodie scene, so it's harder to walk into the trendy place on Friday night and be seated in 30 minutes. You better call in reservations, or at least open table. Last time I tried to go into Oishi it was an hour wait. Landry's restaurants still suck. Really, Houston is a huge place. You should be familiar with this from Dallas. Life in Plano isn't the same as in Mesquite. Houston is going to be what you make of it. If you're one of the Exxon employees moving down here to be on their main campus and will be living in or around the Woodlands you really shouldn't expect any different experience than you would have in Dallas. If you're moving for other reasons and will be living in Montrose, you will have a very different experience than you are used to. Hope you enjoy the move and find Houston worth the stay.
  2. Amazon HQ2

    Yeah... the requirements for getting financing for a restaurant (amenity) is a lot different than the requirements for getting financing for the mixed use development Midway wants.... yeah
  3. Amazon HQ2

    I think the contention is that the surrounding area didn't develop with KBR, therefore, the surrounding area wouldn't develop with Amazon.
  4. Amazon HQ2

    Have you ever tried to get a loan from a bank for a restaurant? You go in with your business plan that includes a demographic study that in addition to some suburban housing has 5,000 geographically relevant potential customers and a bank will tell you "we will not give you the $300,000 loan to build out your restaurant concept across the street from this business site". You go in with your business plan that includes a demographic study that in addition to some suburban housing has 50,000 geographically relevant potential customers and a bank will ask "are you sure you only want $300,000 loan to build out your restaurant concept across the street from this business site".
  5. 59 - 610 Interchange Partial Rebuild

    No property being taken from the Afton Oaks neighborhood to help make mobility in the entire region better? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you! I won't be sad when the people that live in Afton Oaks choke on the exhaust fumes of all the cars that are sitting in traffic.
  6. Taxes aren't increased to pay for roads you don't use. Tolls are collected on tollroads to help pay for new tollroads. You also have a choice to not take the tollroad. My taxes have not once gone up to pay for tollroads. Now, to the point where you are lying... I've been on 249, both before and after the tollroad was added. they absolutely did not add tolls to an already existing freeway as you suggest. Where the freeway ended is still where the freeway portion of the road ends, they added tolled lanes beyond where the freeway had always ended. Simply put, 249 freeway always ended between Spring Cypress and Northpoint Blvd. The last free exit is currently after Spring Cypress, for Northpoint Blvd. So you are lying when you say the people are now 'reduced' to some cheesy feeder. After Spring Cypress all that was available was a feeder road. Traffic in the area is worse because there are more people living all over the place up there. Traffic in the area will continue to get worse because they are building more and more homes. Confirmation of your lie about what 249 was/is, and confirmation of new neighborhoods can both be seen on historic aerials. You don't like tollways, that's fine, but you don't need to lie to try and bolster your argument that they are pure concentrated evil. It may come as a surprise, but I don't like tollways either. I haven't been on a tollway in over 10 years since I moved away from beltway 8. I don't like them, but I do recognize and appreciate their value as a method of quickly increasing car mobility in a given area without raising taxes.
  7. Frankel's has been sold.

    Change has been here for years, just not really as noticeable. I weep for traffic in the area. But hey, like you say... progress. I suppose I should get used to the idea and embrace it.
  8. But that's the point! Use the high volume existing toll roads to fund new toll roads and pay for other existing toll roads that under perform. Anyone who chose to live next to a toll road with the expectation that at some point in the future the tolls would no longer be charged let themselves be suckered. Progress would be that METRO and HCTRA are combined and for every dollar spent on toll roads an equal dollar must be spent on mass transit (commuter rail, light rail, subway, buses, etc).
  9. Amazon HQ2

    hit enter a few times, it will get you out of the 'quote' box and into your own text area, then hit backspace. Someone had to tell me how to do it as well. it's probably more to do with that anything that is done to the astrodome has to be voted for by the public. as has been proven, no matter what is the wording on the ballot, the vote is always no... Should we tear down the astrodome? NO!! Should we rebuild the astrodome into ... ? NO!! Should we leave the astrodome as is? NO!! So I feel the vote would result in the same answer.
  10. Post Office Site Mixed-Use Redevelopment

    I can see why they asked to have it removed. there was one picture of a woman in a bathrobe, and a man in a dress shirt. the second to last episode of game of thrones was on the TV. Obviously, they wanted to be considerate to anyone that hadn't already seen that episode.
  11. Amazon HQ2

    The labor that Amazon is looking for is not the same labor that Toyota was looking for. Assembly line manufacturers may be willing to drop their air tools for an oil platform, but a desk jockey pushing code isn't going to drop his mouse to go work on a platform. Maybe the desk jockeys will come to industrial automation, but that threat is everywhere and not unique to Houston, or the oil industry. Slinging code is slinging code. Where we lack the most is public transportation. But maybe this could be something that helps push this town towards that goal. Houston does indeed have a great assortment of locations that would fit their needs, but a downtown location makes the most sense, I think calling the BOA building the Amazon tower might take some getting used to though. Maybe the chron parking lot can be developed into a tower sooner than anticipated?
  12. Car Talk

    honestly, the Integra Type R was the last Honda of any note that was worthy of... note. I guess the NSX soldiered on until 2005. now they (Honda and Acura) are just mediocre pretty good at everything type of car. Well, I take that back, if I had to get a minivan, the Odyssey is where it's at. All that said, a well tuned turbo 4 is much better than a v6. more efficient, more power, smaller packaging, lighter weight. just overall better.
  13. right, and you didn't read beyond that to where I said I overstated? If I've somehow slighted you I'm sorry. At the end of the day, prices really don't matter. It's demand. China's announcement is significant. Should current usage rates continue at their current state, demand for refined gasoline will drop 8% specifically as a result of China.
  14. Wild assumption in that the money that the oil companies make from each refined product. perhaps I overstated, but anyway, this is what you said. I have no idea how much each refined product nets a refinery, but I am not so sure that your guess is accurate. As far as the worlds largest automobile market, that's China. As I mentioned as well in my post you responded to, China has just announced that they plan on following suit by banning gasoline/Diesel car sales.
  15. This is true, aviation fuel, and heavy fuel for shipping is still needed. No one is going to pry your gasoline powered car out of your hands (warm and alive, or cold and dead), some countries have committed to not selling any more after a certain date. Indeed they have not provided a date, but: Chinese official stating publicly on the record that they are going to do this is not rumor. If this were an article that cited "Sources in the government", that would be a little different. Ultimately though, you're right, until they have revealed the policy and the date it's not official. It is a clear message though, and one that's going to result in about 10% less demand for oil.