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  1. East Downtown Promenade

    it's also a really great thing that there is a tree planted right in front of it. should help make taking pictures really easy.
  2. unpopular opinion: I kind of miss the big grass field......
  3. so they definitely have more rebar for columns, but they are in a different configuration than other floors, and taller.
  4. @MaxConcrete you had mentioned in a different thread that the i45 project was on hold because of some feedback from a neighborhood? I didn't want to ask more in that thread, but can you fill in some info here? what is the issue? who is pushing? what are the long term implications to the entire project?
  5. East Downtown Promenade

    wow, that's actually pretty huge news. I wonder what favors the eado management district had to do to get that?
  6. I think they're at the top floor. the work on the current floor seems to be different than previous floors and they have dismantled one of the cement pumping thingies.
  7. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    I prefer the triangle. If I want to go to San Antonio from Houston I want to go from Houston to San Antonio, I don't want to go to College Station, then Temple, then Georgetown then Austin, then San Antonio. I'd be better off driving if that were the route. Why does SNCF want to have a say anyway? Do they have a proposal on the table, or are they just poopooing the current plan?
  8. thanks @AnTonY I won't have the opportunity to swing the bats in the next 3 weeks that glenbrook will remain open.
  9. I'm sad, I was hoping I'd have a chance to play that course one or two more times. Doesn't look like that's going to happen. Oh well.
  10. The Boulevard Project

    Did you ever go out for lunch, or did you always bring it with you when you worked at 2POC? If I worked there I'd probably always bring my lunch, driving around that area at lunch is as painful as pulling teeth. But, maybe if you could walk to a station, hop on a reliably timed BRT bus and get to the food court in the galleria in a timely fashion, your lunch universe expands a bit. But hey, you're probably right. worthless. Imagine all those people living up and down this boulevard in those tall condos I'm sure you saw while you were looking at Post Oak. You honestly can't see them hopping on a BRT to get to whole foods to grab dinner and a bottle of wine for the night? no, I'm sure of it, you're right. it's worthless, all that's really going to happen is that people are going to drive in from the suburbs trying to get to gallery furniture and be frustrated by the trees. without a hint of sarcasm, I can honestly say that the biggest problem with this BRT is eventually going to be parking. in that people are going to drive in from the burbs, park their car at uptown park where they will grab lunch and a starbucks, then hop on the BRT to go wandering in the galleria, only to return to an empty space because their car was towed. Jim McIngvale fought this and is probably still pissed about it. He knows his rent is going to go up in a few years specifically because of this update to the street and he won't be able to afford to have his showroom of uninspired, expensive, overstuffed leather at the corner of PO and Westheimer. Honestly, every time I am in the area and drive by that oversized strip center at the corner of PO and Westheimer, I wonder how long that place (and others like it in the area) can hold on before it is ripped out for a higher purpose.
  11. how does this deviate from the existing exemption?
  12. I took my bike with big tires out this past weekend, and decided instead of taking the columbia tap all the way around to the soccer stadium and around the north side of the GRB to get through downtown that I would turn on polk and take the new bike lane into town. I'm glad I decided to do it on my 29er rather than my road bike, or my fixed. While slapping down a coat of paint, and having the lane separators in place is a step up from what it was. this is all they did, east of 59 the westbound lane was a sad state. I weep for anyone attempting to use this 'comfort bike lane' with skinny tires. I guess they didn't want to spend that much money considering if 45 is realigned to this side of downtown, polk won't even be there as a freeway cross street. so this bike path is planned as a short term kind of thing. once you get past 59 though, there is a complete solution for getting safely from one side of downtown to the other on a bike. great start.
  13. The River Oaks High-Rise Renovations

    I don't like to be spiteful, but I sincerely hope that Richmond, specifically between 610 and the railroad tracks (afton oaks), never gets rebuilt. Honestly, it shouldn't be rebuilt, it would be too much of a burden on the neighborhood.
  14. Downtown Restaurant and Bar Scene - More Coming

    I think this is the important thing. Eating in downtown at night and on weekends, you aren't wanting for options as you would have in the past. And it's going to continue getting easier.
  15. Downtown Restaurant and Bar Scene - More Coming

    places not open on Sunday in downtown: 1. Chic-fil-a 2. Lucienne 3. Hobby Lobby