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  1. Does this mean Tony the Hatchet Man Valentine will be leaving also?
  2. Here's Ubrannizer's post from when they broke ground, over 2 1/2 years ago!!!
  3. I personally think the retail will come downtown, but like the residential boom it's going to take incentives to retailers to make it economically feasible. Downtown is too under served in this regard for there not to be an uptick at some point, especially as new residential units come online.
  4. I expect nothing less than an 80 story building for this site.
  5. I can't tell if that curvilinear sheath (for lack of a better word) makes up the outer wall of the building or is a separate ornamental structure.
  6. This is great news indeed, but how does this classify as retail?
  7. I love our skyline, and I think we have great examples of Architecture from previous decades. That being said, 609 is a definite shift in style and more representative of 21st century architecture. I would hold future designs up to this one, as opposed to the BoA building, for example, which is a great building that embodies an older sensibility.
  8. Interesting article. I tend to ignore initial BLS statistics until the publish their revisions, which makes you wonder why they didn't wait until they had a better grasp of the data in the first place. On the other hand, I'm not sure how to take an article written by Tyler Durden
  9. From now on 609 Main will be the new standard for all future tower proposals. I think it brought our skyline back to relevance.
  10. Can someone more knowledgeable explain to me why our economy was perceived to be in such bad shape at the end of the Obama administration compared to where it was when he started? I find this completely baffling,
  11. Agreed, I think Biggio's will become a pre-game tradition.
  12. John McClain had an article in the Chronicle in which he stated that if Houston wanted to host another Super Bowl, we needed to make upgrades to NRG. Surprisingly, the stadium is already 16 years old and a bunch of new stadiums have been built or are being built throughout the US since. He proposed using money slated for the Astrodome for refurbishing for this instead, although he didn't specify what upgrades were needed at this point.
  13. So had you not been downtown since 2004?
  14. All I can say is the next time Houston hosts the Super Bowl, I sincerely hope the Patriots are not in it. Go Falcons!