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  1. "Car Audio" and "Upholstery" were added to the garage doors over the weekend. Looks like it remains a car service shop.
  2. wow interesting. source here??
  3. Interesting. where did you see that?
  4. cleaning still ongoing. in addition to repainting there is now tin/galvanized roof sheets for flair above the garage doors..
  5. nm
  6. wow thats huge.
  7. Anyone know whats going on with Galaxy? The site has been substantially cleaned up and was as of last night repainted completely (graffiti-ish logos gone). It's not completely abandoned but a large majority of stuff has been removed from the site (all Uhauls, old cars etc) and it looks like the next step is to fence it in temporarily. This sits right next to Birds Barbershop and Steel City Pops.
  8. Allen has apparently never been to or read about Flying Fish, which is not upscale in any way, shape or form.
  9. sweet. do you have the link to the hahc submission?
  10. Ok so which restaurant is it?
  11. The car wash is demoed!! Gone on Monday.
  12. thats downright lol stuff right there. to answer the question without speculation and conjecture - DEFINE fitness is one of the tenants.
  13. wow. thats interesting.
  14. or any coffee shop that wants to print money.
  15. this is positive news. pi pizza truck moving into funky chicken / new concept coming to BFD as well