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Memorial Hermann Orthopedic & Spine Hospital At 5410 W. Loop S.


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There has been so many discussions on various buildings going up that I find it difficult to remember to know if we covered them all.

During my runs, I noticed that they knocked down the old Miller Beer wherehouse next too "Bridal mart" or whatever it's called on 59S @ 610.

Any news as far as this goes?

Also there is a substantial project going on at Fannin and Greenbriar (I think) Right near the dome where Fannin and the other street splits.

Did we cover those two items in the past or does anyone have the skinny on the construction?


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Hospital replacing beer warehouse

Old Miller distributorship will be razed to make way for new medical complex

Nancy Sarnoff

Houston Business Journal

A defunct beer distributorship is being bulldozed to make way for a new healing center.

Houston-based Simpkins Group has struck a deal with an Oklahoma medical management firm and a group of local physicians to demolish the former Miller Beer facility on the West Loop and build a $50 million hospital and office complex in its place.

This fall, the abandoned warehouse at 5410 West Loop South will be reduced to a pile of rubble, paving the way for construction of two new buildings on the high-profile site just south of the Galleria mall.

The project will include a four-story ambulatory surgical hospital, estimated to span 115,000 square feet, and an adjacent building to house doctor's offices. The size of the office building has not yet been determined.

Two parking garages will be constructed to accommodate the buildings.

Simpkins will develop the medical complex and lease it to Foundation Surgery Affiliates, an Oklahoma City-based firm that manages ambulatory surgical hospitals.

The local real estate firm won the contract to develop the facility in a bidding contest late last year, beating out a handful of other companies.

Last spring, Simpkins purchased the deserted 74,000-square-foot beer warehouse, which sits on roughly five acres of land on the 610 Loop, just south of Highway 59.

"It gets rid of an eyesore and puts a prestigious hospital in its place," says B. Douglas Simpkins Jr., the firm's chairman.

The developer has been working on the project for many months, but just recently received approval from the city of Bellaire to build the complex.

The land is located within that city's boundaries. Historically, the property has been zoned for office or industrial use only.

Construction is expected to begin on the hospital in September.

Houston-based Browne Penland McGregor Stephens Architects Inc., which specializes in health care facilities, is designing the medical complex.

Vaughn Construction, also of Houston, will serve as the project's general contractor.

Medical consortium

In conjunction with the Oklahoma management group, the hospital will be jointly owned by a consortium of as yet-unnamed Houston physicians.

The facility will specialize in orthopedics and neurosurgery, says Jerome Mee, vice president of operations for Foundation Surgery Affiliates.

Although Mee would not discuss specific details of the hospital's ownership structure, he did say the Bellaire hospital will mirror one of Houston's more successful physician-owned facilities, the Texas Orthopedic Hospital.

"We want to take that model and make it better," says Mee.

Founded locally in 1995, the Texas Orthopedic Hospital is a specialty surgery, rehabilitation and sports medicine facility located in the Medical Center. The group's surgeons practice in 12 subspecialties.

The hospital is jointly owned by HCA Healthcare and Fondren Orthopedic Group LLP of Nashville.

Foundation Surgery Affiliates was established in the mid-1990s.

The firm operates several medical facilities in Texas and on the East Coast, with three new hospitals in the development stages.

Each project is a joint venture with a physician's consortium.

Although physician-owned hospitals have been the subject of much debate over the past decade, they are still prevalent in the health care industry (see related story).

"The concept is attractive to doctors," says Simpkins. "With managed care, it's an opportunity for them to participate in an income stream they haven't been able to participate in previously."


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Thanks for posting that article... that site on 610 is close to my house and I've been wondering what was going on with that property. That's a great location... it sounds like this will really improve the area. That whole industrial district there south of Westpark between S. Rice & 610 could use a good shot in the arm. (As well as another good east-west connector street south of Westpark!)

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Can anyone tell me what is happening on the SW corner of Richmond and Montrose?  Two lots have been cleared.

It will be another nasty CVS on Montrose.

Incidentally, just east of the Texas Women's Hospital campus on Knight Road, UT is building a new dorm complex. The buildings are four levels and designed by the same architects (Kirksey) as the new Hermann building on MacGregor at Main.

I hope this building (Hermann) works out. The renderings I've seen so far don't look too promising but renderings can be wrong. That site is prominent and whatever is constructed there will probably be a permanent and very visible mark on the Houston skyline owing to the fact that nothing lies between it and the north side of Hermann Park except trees and a church.

There is a new midrise condo up on OST just east of the Greenbriar rail station and about 30 three-level townhouses are under the hammer in the Devonshire neighborhood just south of Bray's Bayou near Holcombe and Cambridge.

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