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Community Group Backs Bandit Sign Legislation


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Community groups back "bandit sign" legislation


Houston Chronicle

Local chambers and legislators are backing a long-standing local effort to get legislation passed that would place tighter restrictions on individuals and companies that place the illegal signs

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Hopefully this gets passed but passing a law is still a long way from not seeing these signs around. Houston has an ordinance very similar to the one proposed here but the signs are still everywhere. Law enforcement either doesn't realize that they're illegal and/or won't pick them up or cite the violators, it's just a very low priority. It's one of those deals where people will have to take matters into their own hands to some degree and continously hammer the violators, although prominent builders, which seem to be the main culprits in the NW area, might be more respectful of a new law than other businesses who would typically use these signs. Around Gulfgate, there is one individual citizen who picks them up and, if he were to stop, the place would look like election day at the polls all the time there.

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