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Mold Coverage


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I just receive my renewal for home insurance renewal and noticed that they are now adding 5000 worth of mold remediation coverage at no charge. Or you can get 25k for $404 and 50k for $542, etc.

There were several caveats including age of plumbing and roofs, prior losses and whether your house is made of stucco or synthetic stucco.

With all the mold problems, I knew many companies dropped coverage but I was wondering if anyone actually has it?

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Mold is way over blown anyway, fabricated by lawyers to make a quick buck.

Thank you. Mold -- or mildew -- is common in coastal areas because of the humidity, but it's not toxic, and there's no credible medical evidence that it's ever made anybody sick.

That whole toxic mold thing was cooked up by trial lawyers who found a new way to sue homebuilders. It all started when one woman in central Texas sued her builder over the mold in her house, and won a huge sum of money. All of a sudden every ambulance chaser in the country was lining up at the courthouse to file suits claiming mold was making people sick. The TV stations only added to the problem because they bought every word of it and reported it as fact.

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I once went to contract on an Allison-flooded house. The guy wouldn't come down in price, so I thought I'd get a mold inspection to possibly pressure the seller. The problem with mold remediation is that it's a disclosure item. So unless I tore the place down, I'd get hit with the same issue. Mold is Pandora's Box.

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