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light cameras


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Does it matter ? Let's try not running ANY lights, not just the ones that have cameras mounted, SHALL WE ?!!!

We agree on that, but I find this whole discussion funny because back in the 60s and 70s, Houston Police would send the speed radar locations out to the radio and TV stations every morning. They don't do that anymore.

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In the 1950s, houston was the first city to have cameras monitor traffic. The experiment was on the gulf freeway, the elevated downtown section. I recall there were also red/green lights on the ramps,designed to slow entry on ramps. They were timed by observers watching the cameras. They were using the cameras to monitor traffic flow, and this project was of great interest to traffic planners and engineers across the country. I never heard of it till I moved to new york and began to study urban planning and freeway design history.

In palm beach county there are in the last two years, two sets of cameras at the intersections. One set is to monitor traffic flow, the other to photograph red light violators.

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