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Rebuild The Supercollider?

Guest Plastic

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Guest Plastic

Fpr those of you who don't remember the supercollider was a multimillion dollar project hat was going to put the world's largest article avvelerator in Texas.

It was to be a few miles South of Dallas in Waxahachie. The ring which the atoms,mmolecules,and particles would have ran through would have need 50 miles in circumference. This would have been one of many things that makes Texas one the top destinations for Science,Technology,and Engineering.

COngress decded it would have been to expensive. That only after the hole digging had begun. It the world's most expensive hole. SO what do you say, we start up the project again and bring hI-Energy physics experimenting to Texas?

The only question is whre to put it? I think we should move it to Houston since we're the state's center for Science. It's so big where do we place it? Easy, under the 610 Loop. I calculated the radius of the Super COlider to be8 miles. THe Loop is about 6, close enough. The Loop isn't round anyway, it's got more circumference than a circle of the same radius.We could have particle beams right under our cars. No need to build out past Katy or tear people houses up.

OK n all seriousness we need so Particle Accekerators in Texas. We are such a great place for research but have none. I've heard aTm has one though. Odd the Aggies would have one and The Longhors wouldn't.

SO do you think congress would fund it? We are known as The SPace City, we could be known as The Scientific City.

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Ok, I have finally done it, I actually put someone on "IGNORE" ! I simply cannot stand reading Plastic's poorly written posts anymore. Trying to decipher his sentences makes my brain bleed. It astounds me that someone that wants to talk about "SUPERCOLLIDERS", has no actual grasp on the english language or it's usage. C'mon, one or two hiccups in writing is acceptable, I am not the best speller or the grammar police, but friggin' TWENTY flubs ? Great Odin's beard man, get your ass to a writing class ! :blink::wacko::huh:

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