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Studio Movie Grill City Centre At 822 Town & Country Blvd.

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Attention shoppers: This is only a test

Houston Business Journal: July 2006

Memorial-area shoppers are all abuzz over a merchandising plan that leaked out for the old Town & Country Mall location being redeveloped as CityCentre.

A site plan for the proposed mixed-use development includes names of nearly 50 high-end stores and restaurants such as Sonoma Home, Z Tejas, Fourth & Towne and Studio Move Grill.

The array of haute retail stores is hot news on the modern version of the rumor mill as e-mail loops used by moms groups in the area get the word out.

Before revving up those credit cards, however, shoppers should be aware that the merchandising plan does not list retailers actually committed to leasing space in CityCentre. It simply represents a roster of prime prospects the leasing agent would like to see sign on the dotted line.

"A lot of it is just wishing and dreaming," says Nick Hernandez of Page Realty Partners Ltd., the broker in charge of filling space at CityCentre.

Hernandez says this type of merchandising plan is typically used to show potential tenants the vision for a project.

The Midway Cos. is planning CityCentre at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Beltway 8 to include 350,000 square feet of retail, residential units and a hotel. But construction won't start until an undisclosed percentage of retail space is taken.

No tenants have inked a leasing contract yet, but Hernandez says there has been demand in the area for a long time.

If the online hubbub created by the pretend merchandising plan is any indication, that seems to be a safe assumption.


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Mr. Know It All

First, just I am "Mr. Know It All", thank you sir for recognizing that :rolleyes: and I am not lying -_-<_< .

If you read this thread started by Parrothead in the PROPER section called "West Loop/Galleria/Memorial",

I don't know where KAHLA FAN 101 got the idea that Town & Country Mall/City Centre is in the Great Northwest.???

you would see the proof, that we all read about this many moons ago, the thread has had over 666 views since December 5, 2005.

If you notice I read the thread December 5, 2005 and clearly have post #10 to show that I did. This is way before you even joined HAIF.

So, it is obvious, that someone like yourself, would is not even a month into his HAIF membership, would not know that, I think you need to show someone that is member 805 compared to your member 2536 some respect and give credit when deserved. -_-<_< .

I have said my speech and this thread is not worth updating as we already have a perfectly fine City Centre thread to talk inside B) .

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A PM I just got from KAHLA FAN 101, and thought it was humorous, so I will share it with the group.

Message From KAHLA FAN 101

Hi Mr. pamp oldey. guess what if you don't know i read that posting a remark about Kahla Fan 101 which is me well guess what I'm only 11 years old and I am girl. Kahla Middle School check cfisd.net if you don't believe was named after a lady. I go to school there.You didn't hurt my feelings when you said all those thing because you are not perfect or smart because you spell months wrong. You know my mom is lawyer but luckily she is in florida on a business trip . You were totally wrong and just because I did things wrong that was my first topic. I just want to say for a person like to say those things about a young child i should sue you. But i'm not because god forgives everybody for sin. So mr. pamp don't mess with a straight a student because i will find a way to sue you. I'm already taking the LSAT at age 11 so get your fact straight before you say stupid . For a person who is 26 you are immuture for your age you little oldey.

Guess i will find a way .


This gets even better.

I found this in the Architecture of Cy-Fair College thread.


Well, you actually should be wishing you were older.

Here is another good one from about a new highschool in the Farm Property At N. Hwy. 6 & W. Little York thread.


Since when do 11 year old girls have their own kids? We need to get you on Jerry Springer!

Even still, If you are 11 years old, why you would be on an architectural website, or would even be allowed on a PC unattended during the day since I am sure your dad is at work, while your mom is out of state (To which, I am sure you will have some sort of answer for this, like that you are using her account :rolleyes: ). I smell a Troll :mellow:


BTW, with your assumption about me not spelling the word "months" correctly, there is a phrase to express time in the form of "moon cycles", try GOOGLING it.

So you are wrong again, you should not be a grammar police at such a young age, I should sue you back for defamation of character :closedeyes:.

Just as an update, please read the Boardrules of HAIF

What is Discouraged:

Posting messages just to raise one's total post count. Messages that are little more than "Me, too!" Unsubstantiated claims. Trolling. Flaming. Blatant commercial or promotional postings.

What is Prohibited:

Vulgarity. Profanity. Personal attacks. Explicit discussions of sex or bodily functions. HAIF is a resource open to all, and many schoolchildren use it for researching their projects. Let's keep the discussions on-topic and family-friendly.

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So you telling Pump you actually voting and you think everybody knew well get this family probaly didn't until after you told them. Mr. Know It All

Okay, before I even finish reading the rest of the posts below this, I have to stop and reply here.

Your post makes no sense. Plastic? Is that you behind the curtain?

EDIT: Oh, wow. You're 11. Nevermind..

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