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Russian Restaurants

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Where along Dairy Ashford? What exactly is considered a Russian meal?

Its near Dairy Ashford and Briar Forest. Its easy to confuse for just a bar, so don't be turned off by the exterior. A forewarning, however: you will smell like cigar smoke by the end of the meal.

I can't tell you what would be considered a Russian meal; its a big place, so there's more than one regional cuisine in play. The first dish I had was Borsch, very good, followed up with an entree that I could not pronounce properly...but it was bits of very tender beef wrapped in pasta. Essentially the Asian definition of dumplings, but with thicker pasta than the ones that I get occaisionally at the Welcome supermarket. It came with lots of herbs and a dallop of sour cream. Very very good stuff.

Its somewhat more pricey than most of the places I frequent. My meal cost about $16 in total.

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What type of food depends on where in the old Soviet Union the restaurant owner is from. My office partner is from the Ukraine, and the food there is somewhat similar to Lebanese food. When we went to the Bear, I thought some of it was similar to Lebanese. I believe they had some non-Lebanese dishes as well, though.

They had plenty of Stoli, though. :P

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