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Signs of Spring


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I remember from my years in Houston that all of winter is like spring, so the change of the season isn't that big a deal. But when you're banished to the frozen tundra of the north like I am, it's a reason for celebration.

I saw two robbins at work yesterday. They were busy pecking around the lawn looking for wayward worms and grubs. That was the first sign of spring.

Then today, I saw my first spider. That's how you can really tell Spring is arriving. Chicago has this strange phenomenon where every summer the skyscrapers are covered with spiders. Big spiders. And they're not afraid of heights. I've seen them as high as the 97th floor. A typical building will be covered with thousands of spiders and spider webs by June. In my last place, I had no fewer than 40 spider webs covering my windows. Hopefully the window washer guys will come more often in my new place.

The spiders aren't home grown. They come from Michigan and Ontario. When they come out of hibernation they make little silk parachutes and come across the Great Lakes on the wind, clinging to the first skyscraper they find. Strangely, they don't seem interested in houses -- only tall buildings. I shouldn't complain, though. I've never seen a mosquito or a cockroach in my time here. I should welcome the spiders.

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Down here, the most of the hardwoods have just let out vividly-colored green leaves and the rain that we received this morning should hasten the process of removing leafless trees from our roadsides. Wildflowers are also in bloom, although they're far from their peak.

It is only unfortunate that gas is as pricey as it is...this is almost the perfect time of the year to take day trips.

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yeah i took a "day trip" back to school yesterday from houston back here to lubbock...that was one hell of a drive. hydroplaning and going 45 half the time gotta love this spring weather! lol but yes it is always a great feeling knowing warmer days are on the way

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