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German restaurant and Irish Pub


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Article in today's Eagle:


Irish pub, German restaurant to open in Bryan


Eagle Staff Writer

Ludwig Kapser Jr. has traveled the world. But he says it was the charm of downtown Bryan that led him to North Main Street, where he plans to open an Irish pub and German restaurant in the fall.

Kapser and his father, both of Munich, Germany, recently visited the downtown area to meet neighboring business owners and discuss plans for the restaurant and pub. The establishments will be built at 107 and 109 N. Main St., next to Heritage Menswear.

The Kapsers purchased the buildings from Bryan developer Zane Anderson. Although the terms of the transaction aren't public, the buildings were listed at $125,000 and $175,000.

The German restaurant likely will be named White and Blue in reference to the colors in the Bavarian flag, the Kapsers said. They've considered the name Murphy's Law for the Irish pub.

The Kapsers bought a farm in Brazos County about 25 years ago and own several pieces of commercial property on University Drive.

"It's so charming here," said Kapser Jr., when asked why he chose to create a new development in downtown Bryan. "We simply like the folks here."

One of the buildings is now about 3,200 square feet, and the other is about twice that size, but the Kapsers plan to create bigger two-story buildings on each of the lots. Food will be served in the upstairs area of both facilities, and the bar atmosphere will be downstairs. An elevator is planned in the German restaurant, and the two buildings will be connected so that patrons can pass freely between the two.

The Irish pub will be designed by a Dublin-based architect to capture authenticity, according to Kapser Jr. Grilled sausage, pretzels and wienerschnitzel will be served in the German restaurant, and each of the bars will feature authentic beers.

"But I've taken a liking to Shiner Bock, so I'll be sure to have some of that, too," Kapser Jr. said.

A small room in one of the restaurants will serve as an art gallery, featuring the work of Texas artists, he said.

Local contractors Joey Williams and Jay Burch will take about six months to complete the construction, which already is under way, Kapser said. Traffic may be blocked on North Main Street for up to five days while work is ongoing.

John Hendry, executive director of the Downtown Bryan Economic Development Association, said his group is excited about the new businesses the Kapsers are planning.

"We're developing arts and culture downtown, and this will be supportive of what we want to do," Hendry said. "There's a feeling of connection. This is a big deal for historic downtown because it will add to the night and restaurant venues, not to mention the element of the art gallery being included."

The Bryan City Council has recently been in talks with a regional transportation service about enhancing downtown nightlife by transporting passengers from the Northgate Parking Garage on College Main to downtown Bryan on Thursdays through Saturdays.

City officials have not yet voted on the issue but say they'd like to consider implementing the bus service in the fall.

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I'm not big on German food but I think it, along with the pub, will be a great addition to Downtown. I'm very anxious to see how they convert those two old buildings. From what I can tell they're really just shells with the interiors having been previously demolished. Who would've thought 5 years ago that german & irish architects would be designing two new buildings for Downtown Bryan?!

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There was a short article in the Eagle earlier this week (although now I can't find it on the website) stating that these were indeed on the way. It's been over a year since they were first announced...

I have a very reliable source that tells me they'll be open no sooner than June 1 and most likely late June, early July. Can't wait. Not that I'm that into German food or Irish Car Bombs but from what I've seen and heard the facilities themselves should be pretty impressive and avery nice addition to Downtown Bryan.

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