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River Oaks Hospital & Clinics At 4200 Twelve Oaks Pl.

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Today I stopped by the hidden-away River Oaks Hospital & Clinics. 

There seems to be a mini medical district right off of the Southwest Freeway and on Richmond Avenue. There is 3, maybe 4 medical clinics in that immediate area.

Anybody ever been here that can rate the care received? I wonder who the owner of the hospital is? I would just assume most people would go to Houston Methodist if they ever needed care.  I guess this clinic, and hospital, is much smaller so it (could) be easier to navigate.  In and out service.  Free parking too! Presumably at least. I wonder if HCA owns it? They own a lot of smaller clinics.

Edit: Looks like it's owned by Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare.

River Oaks Hospital & Clinics website:


Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare website:


Photos I took today:



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Edit: Same site! Demolition and rebuild.

I searched the address before creating the thread only to discover: Twelve Oaks Hospital At 4200 Portsmouth St.

The words are jumbled together.  I wonder if this was done on purpose when the old Twelve Oaks Hospital was demolished?

River Oaks Hospital & Clinics At 4200 Twelve Oaks Pl.
Twelve Oaks Hospital At 4200 Portsmouth St.




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This piece from the Chronicle has a bit about the history of the hospital up to 2008.

I'd mentioned a bit of the experience I had with my grandma here in this thread about what once was their secondary location in Westbury. Most of the comments are about that facility though.

I visited in 2001 during the week of Allison. She started out at Polly Ryon (OakBend) in Richmond and then was transferred a few hours later. This was the night before the storm came ashore, and we were going back and forth to visit through the course of the week. I remember leaving that Friday afternoon as the rains started up again and just collapsing at home afterward. Turned out we couldn't get back to the hospital until Sunday since that insane rainfall took place over the rest of that Friday and into Saturday and cut off 59 in a few spots. 

She was transferred to the Westbury hospital either that Sunday or a couple of days later. That's also where she passed away within a couple of weeks.

This location was, from what I recall, kind of dated. Most of the staff was nice. The room was okay. I think the view was the best point since it was facing Uptown, but that's not saying much about else there. Overall, the facility wasn't terribly busy and was relatively quiet. This was before the surface lots had been removed for the parking garage and the Art Institute building. T-Mobile's tower on the freeway was the professional building for the place. 

The sole positive for me as a visitor and photo nerd at the time was the fact that the garage for the professional building was fairly high. I brought my camera a couple of days and took pictures of the TMC and Uptown skylines between the storms, fairly early in the day on a couple of the days. 


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